Dirt, Punctures, Spokes, Lights, Rain, The Life Of A Cycle Commuter.

8 11 2010

I have to admit , I am glad last week ended when it did 😀


I am commuting “Off Road” These days, it’s a much better weight loss work out, In fact, lets look at my last 4 weeks weight loss first.


Week 1 (Road): -1

Week 2 (Off Road/Road) -9

Week 3 (Off Road) -5

Week 4 (Off Road) -5


Anyone want to buy a Surosa Road Bike 😀

The downside to all this Off Road stuff ? MUD and DIRT……… I ended up washing my coat, water proof pants, shoes and bike EVERY Single Night…..Oh Well.


The Cleanest Its EVER Been


Just after snapping that picture I heard a TWANG and with that a spoke died, it seems I has been riding on one broken one already, maybe I am lighter than I used to be, normally once one goes, its game over for me.

Then I got 2 punctures, once having to be rescued 😦

Then there is how I arrived at work every single morning 😀

But with view like this:

It’s WORTH IT !!!!


By Friday though The punctures has taken their toll and I was back on the road bike, I just wish the Insurance Company of the van driver that wrote my Cube off, would bleeding pay out…….I washed the Cube as Its getting dusty…god I miss that bike…..



A Puncture From Doing Nothing

and Finally, I have a rarther bright light , It cost £75, but the off road route is PITCH Black and the light is DAY LIGHT…Once it Stops Raining, I’ll get some Beam Shots and do a review for you’all






10 responses

8 11 2010

I love my off-road commute, it looks like it’s very similar terrain to yours. The only problem I have is trying to keep my clothes, bags, bikes mud free. My poor washing machine is on 24/7!

I’ve ended up sticking some HUGE mud-guards on the CX to try and keep the worst off me.

8 11 2010

Yup, Every single day last night my stuff was in the washing machine, bloody good fun though.

Today with the win I stuck to the road, with the MTB

8 11 2010


1. Get back and more importantly front mudguards (£7 from Tesco). That will stop the dog sh**e going in your face!
2. Get Specialized Crossroads Armadillo (or similar) tyres for the bike. They are £25 each and quite heavy but they have got a continuous centre bead and if you horse them up to 80psi they are as close as you can get to road tyres which still work off road. I had my first set for 8000 miles before they wore out – 1 puncture from a punched metal splinter. Watch out when bumping up onto wet wood – do that square.

8 11 2010

Yup, I have stuck a front one on now, its not the best, but it will do.

2, Cheers for that, I’ll look into ’em, They look good, how do they deal with thick, deep mud ?

9 11 2010

I have done most of the 7 Stanes mountainbike courses with them (and the West Highland Way). Probably get less mud up here, generally its either water or stone. If it is that muddy I would get off and walk.

9 11 2010

Theres only a few sections of mud, but and while short, they are deep.

Sounds like they might do the job tho

8 11 2010

P.S. Just got a Cube Analog after my Haro was nicked.

8 11 2010

Very Nice, Im getting bored waiting for the payout now TBH

I know the Injurys side are gonna take a year or so, but its been 6 months Since the Cube got wrote off now 😦

9 11 2010
Clive Chapman

Haha, me and you both re the dirt. But, I just use dirty kit all week to bike in.

I’ll be looking for a better front mudguard for my Ridgeback too, the crudcatcher just ain’t up to it. The full mudguard on the back is the business though!

9 11 2010

The problem with that is , I HATE Mud

Im the road, in team kit, shiney bike, no dirt etc etc…It goes agaist everything I know to wear dirty stuff all week LOL

Let me know what you find mi auld mate

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