My Never Ending Finish Line

9 11 2010

For anyone who hasn’t seen the “About Me” Page, I just wanted to show this paragraph to you, I think it shows you all where I am mentally and more than that, it shows ME, Where I am and where I am going.

*I have edited it a little*


It’s now November  2010 and I am a few pounds away from being 15 stone and over  60% lighter than I was when I first started. It’s taken time, hard work, mental strength but I can now see, in the very far-away distance, my “Never-ending” finish line. I say never-ending as many people who have been morbidly obese lose the weight, get to their goal and then think “Right I’m here, now I can relax” and end up putting all the weight (and more) back on.

I know I can’t do that. If I regain my weight, plus more, then I will end up at over 45 stone (630 pounds) and let’s be realistic, that would KILL ME! So there is no finish line, no patting myself on the back. I have made my changes, I have saved my life but if I ever slip back into my old habits it will all be for nothing. I must keep the focus I have, and channel every emotion I go though directly into my pedals.


How Close ? But I can NEVER Get closer than I am now !




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9 11 2010
Dave McWilliams

Hi Gaz

It sounds like you’re at the point where you’re not losing as much weight anymore.
Less plummet, more gliding! 🙂

This isn’t a message specifically for you, but sounds like the point your at, or approaching.

Dieting can be a up-and-down affair, because as people get down to their ‘ideal weight’, they stop the diet and start adding the weight again….. which can lead to depression and comfort eating (vicious cycle).

Because all the mags show an airbrushed image of perfection, much of the time their ideal weight is lower then their ‘natural weight’.

There are tall people, short people, thin people, and fat people.

If you eat healthily and get plenty of excercise, you’ll take on your natural weight… whatever that may be.

For the excercise, it looks like you have that covered! 🙂
It’s the eating that you have to watch out fo, especially if you have to take day or two off the bike because of the weather.

Keep that finish line just out of sight.



9 11 2010

Hi Dave

TBH Mate, Im still doing well, my last 4 weeks have been, Minus 1,9,5 and minus 5 this week again.

Yeah, I’ll always agree, I have the excercise nailed, but food is something that scares me, lets see just how it goes over xmas 🙂

I agree with you too, keep plugging away and our bodys will find there own level

Thanks for the comment


18 11 2010
SJ Gray

Keep riding and stay safe Gary
You are a total inspiration!
Hope we see you at the velodrome
All the very best from the
Recreation and Partnerships Team at British Cycling

18 11 2010

Thanks Guys , Appreciate it 🙂

I hope to be at the velodrome before too long too 🙂


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