Manchester City Council – Be Proud Awards 2010

10 11 2010

On Thursday the 4th November I was invited to the home of Manchester City Football Club, Eastlands, Sports City,As Winner of the 2009 Sporting Achievement To be on the judging panel for the 2010 Sporting Achievement Award.

I was joined there by:

Former Manchester City Captain, Paul Lake

City In The Community MD Sarah Lynch

And a Member of Manchester City Council

Upon Arrival we were taken to an executive box, as it turns out, It was Carlos Tevez’ box, now as a huge Manchester United fan, this couldn’t have been the worst box to be in LOL.

Carlos Tevez Box At The City Of Manchester Stadium

It has it pretty good view too 😀

Not A Bad View

Truth be told , It was a special day, here was humble me, explaining to Paul Lake, someone who, if it were not for injury would have been England Captain, why I won the 2009 award, Paul was astounded , That made me feel pretty special I’ll tell you !

We were well looked after and we judges the winner, in a really nice surrounding.

And the winner is………Of course I am not gonna tell you that am I ??? ….I will say though there were some pretty special nominations and if you were nominated then WELL Bloody Done !!!!!……

Finally I want to thank everyone who nominated me, however as the winner has to be a judge, they can’t be nominated, next year, however you can all nominate me again :-)…I walked out of the ground chanting…”I Want my trophy back….I Want my trophy back….I Want my trophy back….”…NEXT YEAR !!!!!




8 responses

10 11 2010

Hi Gaz,
Hmm not bad for a council property!(or have they now bought it?)

As a former winner if anyone knows what it takes to achieve you should.

So I shall await the results with great interest will you be posting them here when they are out?

10 11 2010

No, its still a Council House for the Bitters 😀

Its very very plush, but the owner can afford it like

Yup, I shall post the winning details after the gala evening (I am even invited to that too) but cant say anything else, sorry.


11 11 2010

I met the City owner Get prepared for a HUGE boast!!!!!)
When I was at a private dinner party at the Emir of Qatar’s palace in Qatar he seemed like a nice bloke.

I also met Sven Goran Eriksson,(very quiet but was trying a bit too to hard to pull a millionaire woman I kid you not!)
Glenn Hoddle (Very Funny Nice Bloke we got a bit pissed) Cilla Black (Very Very Wrinkly)
Piere Cardin (very French and Wrinkly)
Victoria Reggie Senator Edward Kennedys wife ( Very east cost US and a damn nice bit of crackling!!)
Natalie Embrulia (Lovely but about as tall as a smurf and tattooed on the back of the neck!)Plus a whole load of other very rich famous people.
The Emirs staff thought I was someone’s armed bodyguard!!! coz they asked if I wanted to leave my gun in the guard room (I kid you not)Which was nice.
They got very grovely when I told them I was an invited guest of the Emir.
And that is all true I promise.

11 11 2010

Pictures or its not true 😀

However, if it is true, WHERE was my invite ?????? 😀

and why do you carry a gun ?

11 11 2010

Wow. As another big Man U fan, I can see how you must have been conflicted!

Well done. Whether you win or not, you have already won.

I, too, recently wrote a never-ending finish line post for my silly blog. Congrats and everything you’ve accomplished, and all the inspiration you’ve given me.

11 11 2010

conflicted doesnt come close LOL

I wont win mate, I am not allowed to enter the 2010 Awards as I won the 2009 award, but thanks anyway and dont forget to nominate me in 2011 😀

Great Great Post, Well Done 😀


16 11 2010

Hi Gaz,
Re:Qatar Royal shin dig

Nah no pics sorry,

In answer to your gun question, have you any idea how rough it can get on the East London morning commute!! an Uzi or MAC10 is “de rigueur” if you want to “hold your own” on the Hackney east cross route in the AM!

Truth is, I was only there as a guest of the “Reach Out To Asia” charity because my boss could not go!

He was GUTTED!!

16 11 2010

Amazing story mate….You lucky git 😀

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