The Biggest Loser….On Xbox 360…..Changing Lives…FOREVER…!

20 11 2010

Well, Today I was going to talk about the fact I am now down to one bike

I was going to talk about the fact I now own a 2011 Cube Ltd Team

I was going to talk about my new Lance Armstrong Shirt

My new, smaller, Alutra Coat

My Interview with British Cycling

Last weeks cycling stories


But I’m not going to do any of that, for this morning, My copy of The Biggest Loser, on Xbox 360 arrived…


Biggest Loser Xbox 360 Kinect, 39 stone cyclist

Biggest Loser, Xbox 360 Kinect

..Now, Im sure a few of you are thinking……Wait….Biggest Loser, that’s the show about getting OFF your arse and beating the crap out of your body’s through PUNISHING workouts….and the Xbox 360 is about getting ON Your arse and doing bugger all….but you are wrong, for this is a Kinect enabled game, basically the Kinect Camera (Below) watches you work out, makes sure  you do it right (or you get your arse kicked by the trainers) and generally puts down a lot of hurt upon you.

I had NO Intention of buying Kinect, Until I heard about the Biggest Loser game (and the fact its now out) but BOY am I glad I did indeed buy it.

I worked out this morning for about 1 hours 45 mins, it was fun, it was BLOODY hard work (I did it on the hardest level, because I’m a fool, BUT I got 4/5 starts and an Achievement for it, BONUS)  and I loved every second, I did workouts, free play and even won a challenge,I am sat here now, tired and drenched in sweat.  In the game you can even play online, vs anyone else in the world, via xbox live, and either workout together or go against them in a challenge.

I didn’t plan to do a review post, but , for anyone who likes gadgets, loves being abused when working out and wants to lose weight, YOU CANT miss this ……….Sure cycling has gotten me down to the weight I am now, BUT this “Game” has worked out areas of my body that I never KNEW were there, sure you could buy a DVD video and follow that, but with those you dont know if your doing it right, with this, YOU DO !!!!!

**Just a Final note, this is based on the AMERICA Show, not the DULL British one….Go get it….NOW….**






8 responses

20 11 2010
Swindon Cyclist

Sounds great – you’ll have to add me as a friend on XBL and we can compete.

Was it only the Biggest Loser that persuaded you to get Kinect? There are some great dance games out there 😉

20 11 2010

Sounds like a plan to me.

TBH, Dance isn’t for me, being the Biggest Loser is 🙂

20 11 2010
Swindon Cyclist

Well you would be a big loser dancing so its a win win.

20 11 2010


23 11 2010
Swindon Cyclist

Right. I purchased this on your word and boy am I regretting it.

I’m still sweating and I stopped 20 minutes ago.

23 11 2010

The 39 Stone Cyclist….LIKES THIS …..:-)

Im still sore from the weekend…I have not been on it since as I thought I was having a heart attack cycling on Monday due to a sore pec…….I’ll be on it tomorrow, before watching the show 🙂

23 11 2010
Swindon Cyclist

I might challenge you then – might also give the boxing a go tomorrow – am knackered now and going to bed!

23 11 2010

Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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