39 Stone Cyclist & British Cycling.

23 11 2010

Last week , British Cycling ran a story on me, To read it, Just click the picture below.





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23 11 2010
Geoff Myers

or is that………………. not punny?

23 11 2010


OVER My head that son !!!

23 11 2010
Geoff Myers

Hi Gaz
Sorry mate, but with a short explanation I feel sure you will get it!

In my business (Motorsport) if someone puts in an extraordinary time we say say “Stout”

Stout also used to be a euphemism for someone fat!

I think the article about you was “Stout” as indeed was your former self!

Started my 15 mile (each way) commute this week, going well but I must have a huge sign on my back (Visible only to other road users) that reads “Fat geezer on bike please knock off”!!!!

24 11 2010

Ahhhh Now I get it LOL

You work in Motorsport ? 2 Tickets to the silverstone GP Please 😀

Well done mate, been there, done that, keep on going mate, keep going …………PS Starting now, when its MINUS A MILLION DEGRESS…Well bloody done…..

25 11 2010
Geoff Myers

Hi Gaz
Thanks for the words of encouragement they are appreciated this is going to be a lovely ride come the summer.

Last night major spanner in the works I have to use a foot tunnel to cross the Thames at Greenwich got there last night CLOSED! involved a 5 mile detour!
And of course no matter how much Mayor Boris bangs on about public transport being the way to get London moving…… I am not allowed to use the DLR with my bike for the one stop that would have taken me under the Thames to within 100 meters of the point from which I would exit the tunnel and resume my run north to home!

If it happens again I am simply going to remove the front wheel and just get on the DLR for the one stop (That is going against the rush hour flow anyway!) any attempts to question me will be met with the following reply “inte talar engelska” no one on the DLR staff will speak Swedish ……. I hope!

25 11 2010

Hi Mate

Your welcome, I was thinking the other day, just how AMAZING the canal will be in the summer.

I’d love that, being FORCED to ride further 😀

Mix the sweedish with german, french and greek mate, that should get you to the next stop LOL

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