Excellent Week, 112 Off Road, Snow Filled, Frostbite Inducing Cycling, Miles :-)

3 12 2010

I love cycling, anyone who has been here for longer than 5 mins knows that, but this week, WOW, things have just got so much better, I remember thinking how good I felt,  back to April when I did my first 115 mile week of the year, that was on road, on a road bike, pretty much easy roads too and here I am , in December, cycling off road, in the snow and ice, on a MTB doing the same amount of miles .

Snowy Manchester

Thursday evening was a watershed moment for me, my pace was SHOCKING, I thought that I didn’t want to do this any more,my legs were dead, i didn’t have any energy and my bottle had gone (Remember the last time it snowed, I ended up in HOSPITAL)  but then I realised , things have changed, I have a bike for the conditions, I am a MUCH better cyclist and I WANT THIS, I want it so bad right now I cant even begin to tell you…I started to think that last weeks trip to hospital might be the culprit…but then I thought, that’s just an excuse man !

Still doubting myself after Thursday night, Friday morning it was Minus 11 !!!!!!…I decided to go on road to work, however, by the time I got of my road and onto the main road I had come off, nothing major, I wasn’t hurt, bike is fine but then, combined with Thursday evening I knew what I needed to do….and that was get off road and get back to fighting and having fun…. So I did:

And WHAT A View I was greeted with:

Cycling In The Snow ! (Looking Back at where I came from)

Its been a while since I was down there in the day light, this reminded me of what its all about !

Coming upto a bit where you are foced to get off to get though the gate I thought I’d snap the SEXY Cube.

Cube Ltd Team 2011 in the SNOW !

Cube Ltd Team 2011 in the SNOW !

The next 4 miles were pretty hellish TBH, I was , Minus 11 when I left, the Canal always feels colder than the road, mainly due to lack of car emissions etc ,my feet were in so much PAIN I couldn’t think straight , the last mile was on road and was again, more slippy than the canal and I hated it,the driver (like they have been all week) were SHOCKING,  but the sense  of achievement once I got to work was AMAZING.

My Hat & Scarf had become victims of the weather however and had frozen to death 😀 and my water had that much Ice in it, that it had turned to SLUSH !

Frozen Scarf and Hat

Frozen Scarf and Hat

Friday night I snapped some pretty great beam shots of my Magicshine, will post them up next week, but for now, I am sitting back and relaxing after a great week.




6 responses

3 12 2010

Great pics Gaz, excellent work and I bet the rides along the canal in the snow are very entertaining!



3 12 2010

Cheers Mate, Its gotta be the most fun I have had cycling for a long time.

4 12 2010
Clive Chapman

Cracking pics mate, the cut is a giggle ain’t it!

4 12 2010

Lov’in every second mate. Just ordered a Studded tyre for the front end, don’t fancy another topple TBH.

4 12 2010

I’m getting more and more frustrated, waiting for this stuff to clear from the roads. I, very much, like the idea of getting a bike to suit the conditions. You seem to have cracked the problem and defeated a few ice demons as well. Go for it! Cheers

4 12 2010

Get yourself a nice MTB mate, In fact, not even a nice one, I’d say anything with Disk brakes TBH (To ensure you can keep your speed controlled) but that said, I want to BEAT the CRAP of my new Cannondale and cant 😦

There is at least 2-3 months of this weather left yet mate, lets see if by March , if I can really say those ice daemons have been defeated 🙂


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