It’s Time The Shack Attack , Gaz FINALLY Gets What He Wants.

6 12 2010

2XL……….XXL……Sure 3XL would have looked better on me for now BUT this isnt for now, This is my gift to me , for the SUMMER and boy I promise every single time I wear it I will Attack, I might not always win but I will Livestrong and Fight hard, I might be attacking a PB, a fellow commuter, traffic, it doesn’t matter, I have wanted this since the day Lance previewed it and now I have it, after previously being too fat to wear one:

I FULLY intend to honour the shirt with PRIDE, PASSION , COMMITMENT and a HUGE Amount of DETERMINATION

Lance Armstrong , because of this jersey I have tripled my effort this year, THANK YOU

39 stone cyclist, the amazing shrinking gaz, wears Radioshack

Team Radioshack !

I have NO Problem admitting that I was emotional writing that, with a lump in my throat , I know that I CAN DO THIS !





12 responses

6 12 2010

Looking good!

6 12 2010

Thanks Mate

It might be better without my skin though 😦

6 12 2010

Congratulations you’ve earned it and I have no doubt NO ONE is safe if they encounter you wearing that 🙂

6 12 2010

Thanks Dude

Yup, I wont cycle in it, until I stop wearing a coat and get back on my Cannondale roadie, by that time, i’ll be a few pounds lighter and the work I am putting in on my MTB will (Hopfully) have paid off too. I was happy hitting 23Mph in the middle ring, on the flat today, with knobbleys on.

Sorry what I was trying to say above was, I already feel sorry for the first cyclist I see when I am wear that Jersey……….It’s not gonna be pleasant (For them) Mwwwwha 🙂

7 12 2010
Clive Chapman

V cool mate, well done.

8 12 2010

Thanks Mate

7 12 2010

That. Looks. Awesome.

XXL? Looks like a Medium to me. 🙂

Can’t wait to read about the first time you drop some poor soul with it. Hopefully, it’ll be on a climb – maybe some hill that a year ago was impossible for you!

You inspire every day, Gaz. Keep it up.

8 12 2010

Cheers Buddy

Truth be told, i’d be in a Medium/Large (As I wear Large shirts now) if it wasn’t for all the excess skin 😦

That sounds like the ideal scenario , it never ceases to amaze me, the faith others place in me, lets hope I can make that scenario come true, I already feel sorry for whoever it is I see too 🙂

Dropped another commuter yesterday, on a climb, on a MTB with under inflated tyres (Thanks to all the ice we have here right now) Felt amazing 🙂

Thanks Again Dude


8 12 2010

Thats great, its really amazing what you have done and as a cyclist, especially through cycling. I always enjoy reading your blog and have mentioned you many times as an example of what people can do if they really want to. I’m sure many more people would be interested and inspired by your efforts…have you thought about publishing a story or a magazine article about how you did it?

9 12 2010

Hi Dave

Thanks buddy, appreciate those words.

Its funny you should ask that, as my story will be in a national magazine in January 🙂

Thanks Again


9 12 2010

I’m waiting for the autobiography personally…..

10 12 2010

Know any good publishers then ? 🙂

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