Returning To The Scene Of The Crime (Accident)

13 12 2010

On Wednesday morning, I NEEDED to do extra miles, I was getting all pent up, see I have been doing the road commute as the off road one was far too icy , though I now have studded tyres, so all should be good again.

but I got to the scene of the accident and just froze, weird as I have passed there about 8 times since the RTC, so in a autonomous state I parked the bike where I ended up and took a picture, now the Cube is parked when I landed, the white car is heading in the direction I was headed in and is also where I was hit too, I stood there for about 5 mins, saw a few vans turn and wondered just how fast the one that hit me must have been going ????


I thought I had put this to bed, but 6 months on, its still an issue (my knee tells me that EVERY Day) but maybe NOW I can start to move on from it.




What are YOUR Thoughts?

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