Bring On The Winter , Stud !

14 12 2010

So with snow, rain and ice I have still managed to cycle on though



Tho at times it was SCARY, now I am fully prepared for it

schwalbe snow stud

Done the “Bedding In” Ride, hard work, but thats nothing but a good thing when I am trying to lose the last few pounds and build some muscle 😀




10 responses

14 12 2010
Clive Chapman

Are those tyres on the right way around mate, normally the chevron tread faces forwards when the tyre rotates?

Just curious like…

14 12 2010

Ahhhh YES, There is a VERY Good reason for that ! Care to guess ???

15 12 2010
Clive Chapman

Guess? Nah, life’s too short, just tell me… 😉

15 12 2010

Kieran knows !!!!!

15 12 2010

You’re a pillock? 😀

(says me who has done this at least twice on the same tyre swap session)

15 12 2010


I was going to say T1T Tho LOL

Tyre NOW on the right way round


14 12 2010
Peter Martin

Cool tyres!! How much were they?

14 12 2010

£28 inc postage from Germany but even the European retalers are out now !

14 12 2010

Been thinking about getting them for ages, and should have. I went for aride on Saturday, first time in a fortnight, all the snow and ice had gone, or so I thought!
After my loop down and up the valley I went further and hit a very large and thick ice sheet across the lane. I was on it before I knew it, lost the back end and crashed down onto my back. Fortunately, I was only bruised and winded. Rode on home ego shattered.

14 12 2010

You can pick up a new Ego from ebay mate

Finding a winter tyre in stock might be harder though


Glad you’re ok though

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