18 12 2010

Today, was an AWESOME Day.

So the title is a little misleading 😀

But then the whole of this article isn’t quite what it might seem 😀

So at just before 13.30 Hrs today, I set off on a BRUTAL assault course, over bridges, zip lines, nets, tunnels, holes,balls,  slides, swinging things, crawling things, things where you had to use your legs, your arms, twist, turn etc etc etc……..It lasted for almost 90 Mins

and all this, while going against some SERIOUS competition … I have bruises on my knees, blisters on my fingers and I’m EXHAUSTED …but you know what ? It was AMAZING, a great feeling being able to do it….

Wait ….You want pictures of this , manly, brutal, pain filled course ?……..Sure…..Check ‘Em Out Below !


Then after that, there was a quick dash to play football (Soccer) 30 mins later I was dripping in sweat, I was going to pretend that this was something serious , like I did above, but you all know me better than that now, so here are the visual’s 😀



Stay tuned for a NEVER Seen before, Before Picture, I was around 35 stone when the picture was taken and a new video, to ensure 2010 is finished on a high ………!!!!!




2 responses

20 12 2010

😀 Looks like you had great fun! If I ever win the lottery/build my own house I’m putting one of those play area’s in for myself and may even let the kids in occasionally 😀

22 12 2010

Mate, if you win the Lotto, you are buying ME one of those LOL

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