Ending The Year In Style, New “Before Picture” and Video !

20 12 2010

Ok, Its almost the end of the year, A time for us to be with our family’s and friends,take a rest from work and recharge before we “Kill It” in the new year.

So, I am making this post today, but it might be a week or so before I come back, so I wanted to make it special, I am almost at the end of my journey, so I wanted to make a video to reflect that, then I found a picture I thought was long gone.

So one last Before and After for 2010 , followed by one last Video for 2010, Happy Holidays and LIVESTRONG !!!!!!

The new year will bring a few new challenges and changes round these parts.

First off, it now looks like I wont be getting my skin removed from the NHS, but I am also now at a weight that I am happy with, so there may be less updates etc, but at 14 and a half stone, I’m not sure what I can now say that hasn’t already been said ? So the outlook of this blog will change, trust me when I say, I am not going anywhere, but writing a book will take up a fair old amount of my time 🙂

My BMI Was 70, as of Sunday, it’s now 24 …….Get in there…….

At Around 35 Stone, The arms of the chair were removed so I fit, and lowered so it didn't buckle

Active, Slimmer and Happy




23 responses

20 12 2010

You are a total inspiration to us all. I wish I could get 10% of your committment.

22 12 2010

Thanks man, appreciate that

20 12 2010
Toby Field

Well done Gaz! You’ve achieved so much and in such a short period of time. Maybe you can get a deal from a surgical centre in exchange for your op?

Good choice of song for the video.

Have a good Christmas and New Year.

22 12 2010

Thanks Toby

An option I am looking at is going private with some sort of tie in/tie up but we will just have to see.

You too mate, you too.


20 12 2010
Clive Chapman

Awsome mate, just awsome. What’s the story with the skin and NHS then?

Having a bit of a bumpy time myself at the minute. But I’ll be through it soon. Bring on the New Year so I can batter it!

No one said it would be easy!

22 12 2010

Basically it was on, then it was off and now its off, for good as far as my local PCT are concerned

Sounds nasty mate, get well soon and good luck in 2011

20 12 2010
GT in LA

So happy to have found your site – an inspiration for many! Keep inspiring and have a wonderful happy and healthy 2011

22 12 2010

Thanks and the same to you too


20 12 2010

superb …. congratulations … STAY WITH IT!

22 12 2010

Thanks, I fully intend to keep on it in 2011 and beyond

21 12 2010
Harry Broom

Well done & good luck in 2011 – I’m sure this is just the *start* of better things.

22 12 2010

Thanks, I do hope so myself 😀


23 12 2010
Chris Riley

hello Gaz

just a quick email to say came across your website and have found your whole story truly inspirational. commute miles myself by bike and am always treated with some scepticism at work (you must be mad etc, sure you’ve heard it all!). However your story is a fantastic one, the first step is the hardest etc and now you’re reaping all the benefits. happy xmas and new year

24 12 2010

I just did my final blog post for 2010. My silly little 30 pounds lost is nothing. But I could not have done it without you and your inspiration.

There’s a word for you, Gaz. Actually, two words:


Congrats and thank you. I hope one day to ride with you – maybe to a match at Old Trafford!

Check my blog on January 1st to see my list of things to come. You’ll be on it.

Cheers, my friend. And Livestrong!

24 12 2010


You are just far too kind, you have done bloody well TBH, Project fat is a total success and thats down to you and no one BUT you.

I’ll look forward to it mate, though I quite fancy a ride through Cali 😀 See who gets there wish first eh ?

Happy Holidays, well done and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ………….LIVESTRONG


24 12 2010
Clive Chapman

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year! 🙂

24 12 2010

Thanks Dude

The same to you too, hope you get well soon too.


24 12 2010
Karim Kronfli

Great Job Gaz, I only have 7.5 stone to lose and I had just started losing weight when somehow I found your site. I am half way on my journey. But watching your success has been heart warming, powerful and inspirational. Livestrong Gaz

24 12 2010

congrats on choosing to change, Good luck and LiveSTRONG !!!!!

29 12 2010

Gaz, a belated but none the less, Merry Christmas and a happy new year buddy!
Looking forward to “killing it” myself in the new year! Well done on another excellent year, Hope you dont mind me saying it, but the picture of you in the office… what a sad, sorry sight compare that to you running round the play centre! amazing difference!

30 12 2010

Hi Mate

Thanks and the same to you too.

TBH Mate, I FULLY Agree with you, sad, pathetic, clinging to life etc etc etc

Cant ever believe I let it go that far TBH.

Kill It Mate…..KILL IT !

12 01 2011

Truly inspirational.

A massive effort and well paid off!

Well done!

13 01 2011

Thanks very much

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