Highlights of 2010

31 12 2010

A quick, last post of 2010.

In the last 12 months there has been over 47,500 visitors to my blog, I am humbled by each and every single one of you, thank you for coming, reading, commenting and keeping me on the straight and narrow.

The Top 3 no, 4, post’s of 2010 are:

At number 1:

I got Hit by a Van….Seems you are all blood thirsty round here , ensuring my accident with a van was the most popular post of 2010 by a LONG way, Next time, i’ll make sure I get it on camera for you LOL 😀

At Number 2:

I have just added this, but we all like Pain, Even if it doesnt last forever. It came from nowwhere, to be the second most popular post of the year.

At 3:

Fit for 30, in 2010 I turned 30, but did I turn fit ? It was a popular post and I think we all agree that I was indeed, fit and not fat, for 30

At 4:

I went Cancer fighting and smashed my 2009 time by HOURS, raising over £200 again THANK YOU ALL…

So , Where next ??

Well, I am updating the About Me page and that should be live within a couple of weeks, there is also the revamped goal list, again, it should be live within 2 weeks, more pressingly tho, I have 4 Xmas Pounds to lose and I have also contracted Man/Swine/Pig/Bird Flu, SARS, The Plague etc etc etc, I feel much better than I did yesterday, but I had a couple of long work commutes planned, as it was, I didnt even go to work, so time to rest, im sure gain a couple more pounds, but rest assured …..It WILL get killed……:-)

And Once More, Enjoy the end of year video with some “My Way” as the background music.





2 responses

31 12 2010
Toby Field

Hi Gaz,

I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog since I started to lose weight by cycling back in March. You’ve definitely had it tougher than me but each time you’ve got back up and got on your bike. I’d like to think I could do the same but if I was in your situation, I’m not sure I could.

I’m also putting together a final blog post of 2010. After reading this I will put a small bit about stats on it. Thanks for the idea.


1 01 2011

Hi Toby

Glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Well done, you look a totally new man, bet you feel amazing for it too ?

I only keep getting back up because :

1) I LOVE cycling, it was a fitness tool, then a hobby its now my life


2) I will always have the threat of 39 stones hanging around, over my shoulder, waiting to pounce.

Good luck in 2011 Mate


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