An Ill Obese Gaz Vs An Ill Non Obese Gaz – In Photos

5 01 2011

Bit of fun to cheer me up while im suffering 😦


No cycling, No work, no fun 😦


Ok Pic 1, Gaz, Obese with a cold.


Now, a Non obese Gaz, with the FLU !!!! Both pics taken in the same room.





4 responses

5 01 2011

Hi small guy

I finally made it to your blog…though can’t quite get it to stop vanishing my messages yet ! Bleaugh !

So just a quick “get well” soon note.

and maybe the thin guy seems to look grumpier imho

5 01 2011

Welcome, Glad you made it

No, not more grumpy, just more ill mate


5 01 2011

Actually, you look more sick in the first photo. The second you just look grumpy, while in the first you look ILL.

Another reason to lose weight – we look better when we’re puking!

5 01 2011

Agreed and its sort of the reason for the post really.

First pic I look like death, yet all I have is a mild cold

Second pic, full on flu, looking pretty pissed but not ill

Its yet another of the MANY reasons why we all have to beat obesity and ensure we keep on beating it.


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