Shack Attack Part 2

6 01 2011

Still no cycling….flu 😦

However …………..


Let the fun begin 🙂




8 responses

7 01 2011
Geoff Myers

Happy New Year mate
How you beat the flu soon, I am currently grinding my teeth after reading about the 70 stone man who was GIVEN THE VERY SOUND ADVICE
“”ride your bike more” chose to ignor it and is now trying to sue the NHS!!!! gives us fellow fatties an even worse name.

I am rather pleased with myself I have achieved a gnats over 25% of my total required weight loss already. 1.25 stone down just 2.75 stone to go whoopi!!!!!!!
The nurse at my doctors was stunned that it was going so well for a man of my age (apparently its harder once you go past 45) I suggested they should have a banner in reception telling people not to ask for pills for obesity related problems but to get out on their bikes! and to put this link right at the top in great big letters so people can see what CAN be achieved.

7 01 2011

I have JUST read that myself, he was 30 stone when he was told that, I started to ride at 35 stone, maybe he should have taken them up on it eh ?

Way to go you , well done mate.

Sounds like a great idea, I keep trying to get the NHS to give me a job showing Morbily obese people what can be done, they dont seem up for it tho 😦 Oh well, at least I have a job in these hard times

well done and keep on going


7 01 2011
Peter Martin

Nice lookin top bro!

7 01 2011

Cheers Dude !!!

8 01 2011
Andy Heaton

Hi Gaz,

What you have achieved is incredible – the determination & perseverance that you have shown is inspirational !

What do you weigh now and what is your target weight ? (You don’t look overweight at all now).

In my view, you should be given a {highly paid :)} job, motivating other to lose weight !

Well done Gaz !!!

9 01 2011

Hi Andy

Thank you, very much.

My target was originally 20 stone, then 18 stone, I weigh 15 stone now 😀

I totally 110% agree with you, where do I sign ? LOL


11 01 2011
Clive Chapman

Not you too? The bug is a right bastard! Knocked me off my bike for a whole bloody month! Hope you’re well soon mate.

13 01 2011

Its been a real bitch, was off for just over 2 weeks, back now, but running at about 40% my normal, slept for 10 hours last night, still exhausted, its a nightmare, glad your feeling better tho, you have my sympathies

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