If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten !

15 01 2011

Well, It sure is a long title, but then, this is going to be a long ass post, I’ll try to keep from rambling but I cant promise.

You might need a drink before you start this :-), This is going to be a long, open and 110% HONEST look at myself and what I have done, as well as a recap of the week,

Welcome Back Gaz:

Monday saw my first commute since December the 23rd, Flu, Gallstones and Holidays had kept me off the bike for what seemed like a LIFE TIME, Monday I decided to take the MTB and use the Canal and not push myself, I layered up, there was no rain BUT to make sure I put my waterproofs on and set off, within 30 seconds it started to drizzle, then 30 seconds later, the heavens opened the ride was a slow, hard slog, but I got there and was damn sure glad to be back, every day that followed I got quicker but also wetter, Welcome Back !

Return of the Mentor:

Thursday morning I was once again leaving later than I should have, I had a longer commute to Manchester City Centre than normal, the MTB was in the shop for its service, so I took the ‘Dale, The results ended up spectacular. Coming up the hill out of Hyde I saw another commuter on the Horizon, I am not great at hills, I was still struggling with fitness/illness but I dug in and I kicked…..HARD…. I got onto the wheel of the other guy on the hill, he was slow, 10 seconds later I kicked again and amazingly I flew past him, I opened up a little gap and thought to myself “Job Done” but little did I know who I had just dropped and what would happen next. The other commuter was non other than Tommo

Tommo, Best Mentor, Ever

But as I passed him, I didn’t notice it was him, if I had of done, I would have raised the pace, I didn’t , so I didn’t and half a mile later he flew past me,  not an issue, I raised the pace and grabbed his wheel and held on for a few miles, he didn’t notice it was me and I still not notice it was him, we were both fully intent on beating each other, and were neck and neck UNTIL he got about 3 car legs in front due to traffic and then BOOM, he went on an Amble Gamble and I got caught by a RED….Argh, as he rounded the corner, I saw it was him and then a few house later, sent him a polite text 🙂

Thursday night, we saw each other again, and rode together, I made it from Manchester City Cen to Hyde in 31 Mins, A PB by a huge margin and a great ride.

Friday- Im BACK:

Got up early, fell asleep on the sofa, then when I finally got up, I decided to do a couple of extra miles, well, that is where the fun started, I headed toward Stockport, as I got to the Joel Lane turn off a HUGE Smile came over my face, there was no reason, I WASN’T GOING TO DO JOEL LANE, the smile just got bigger and bigger and bigger and then , with that, I turn onto Joel Lane and I kicked SO HARD. It wasnt quick or easy but it was the best feeling in ages, the BURN of the Lactic Acid, I love it.

Joel Lane @ 7AM

I then followed this by a Cheadle and not just a Stockport ride, giving me a 15 mile total

First Joel Lane of 2011

Altura, You and I , Have fallen out:

At the end of the summer I spent £70 on a Altura Night Vision Evo coat, £45 on Night Vision Gloves and £55 on Night Vision Pants, while they have kept me warmer and pretty dry , last week I’d had enough, the gloves have been replaced, the coat has had to be replaced and now, this happened to the pants

No, not cause by having a fat arse 😀

God Doesn’t Love Us:

This is NOT Serious , however, it made me chuckle , doesnt god say love everyone and tolerate everything ? Well WTF ?

I'm God, I love EVERYONE, Unless Your a Cyclist !!!!

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten:

This is the bit that will mean the most, but its also the bit that may well ramble and It will sure as hell hurt.

Over 9000 people in the UK alone DIE from Obesity each and every year, what makes it worse, is the figure quoted will only rise each year, until we can get this under control.

Since the 23Rd of December I have  GAINED 7.5 Pounds, Over HALF A STONE !!!!! To say I am DISGUSTED is an understatement……Some of it is related to having the flu, the xmas food, lack of cycling, but the truth be told, I am not eating like I should, so I thought, time to go back to the old way, but then, I didnt want to , it bores me, SO I looked at a new way, it all comes down to the AMOUNT of food you eat, so I am not going to eat MORE of the bland boring stuff, I am going to eat LESS of the more interesting stuff and after looking at all the nutritional information I have worked out a way of having what I want, while still having the SAME number of calories, fat, carbs that I was BEFORE, without the phrase “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” then I would have just gone back to the way I was before, sure I would have lost weight, but you MUST enjoy this journey , otherwise, its how you fall off the wagon and thats something that I thought I knew about, seems we are learning every day.

It makes me feel SICK what I have done to myself, but trust me, I WILL deal with this and I WILL come out of it STRONGER and I WILL make each and every single one of you PROUD.

Enjoy It:

If you are starting to lose weight for the new year then the biggest tip I can hand out is this, find something you can ENJOY , that way you are less likely to give up, i’ll never give up cycling, no matter what my Physio says LOL, sure it hurt, but you have to find something that puts the “Yes, I WILL do Joel Lane” Smile on your face and something you WANT to get up to do, EVERYDAY.

I enjoyed the speed I got on my commute on Thursday, but I know I can do more and I WANT to go faster, but for January, its a good starting point.


Ride Hard

and forgive me for my weight gain, I AM dealing with it.


Paul, Lube It Up Baby:

My colleague Paul mention he MIGHT need to lube his chain, I was shocked to see just how bad it actually was LOL




12 responses

15 01 2011

Welcome back!

It’s been too long. I got fat again while you were gone. Try and remember it’s not about you, Gaz, it’s about you being here for me!

15 01 2011

I’ve let myself down, I have let you down and I have let everyone else down, NO MORE.

I’m sure some will think, wait he’s LOST 350 lbs, what’s a gain of 7 lbs ? but 7 Turns into 70lbs, turns Gaz into the 700 Lbs cyclist , it stop here and never happens again, same goes for you dude, we inspire each other now, get the 7.5 and your 11lbs off and then we KILL it , like never before !!!!!


15 01 2011

Together we can lose it all. I rode 44 miles today with 3,000 feet of climbing.

Lets both lose the new weight, then lose more!

Never give up!

16 01 2011

Agreed, I wanted to lose 28 Lbs in 2011, add the 7.5lbs to that takes me to 35.5Lbs, so lets round it up, Goal 1, Lose 40 Lbs in 2011

Together mate, never giving up, we can do this !!!!!

PS That sounds an awesome ride dude.

18 01 2011

You are on!

I have to lose 40 lbs, you have to lose 2.9 stones.

Lets do this together!

I will post about it this week.


18 01 2011

Yup, let’s do it, Its on , 80 lbs between us 🙂

I’m already VERY happy with the results of the changes I have made, Already looking forward to my weigh in on Monday 🙂

16 01 2011
Peter Martin

Mate what an article and I like the focus! Keep her at it and join the challenge! Love the road race with the mentor – kick his ass the mext time you see him on the road!

16 01 2011

Its ironic that My Mentor, is also from Norn-Iron too isnt it 😀

Dont worry, I WILL hand out some justice next time, Ihave beat him before, I’ll do it again 😀

17 01 2011
Clive Chapman

Christ, you and me both it seems over December. But like you I’m back, stronger than ever. It just highlights what a life long ongoing battle with food this is. The cycling is the easy part.
And also like you I’m ashamed.

18 01 2011

Seems we have both been put on our arse by the flu and while we were there, we fell off the wagon, could have been worse of course, but this little episode has made me much much stronger

Cycling is and always will be easy, food is and will always be the biggest issue, I have turned my shame into anger, transferred it to the bike and that resulted in more PB’s yesterday, Dont want to get too arrogant but I think I have nailed it again 😀

21 01 2011


We’ve all put on weight over the festive season, but we know why we have and we know exactly what we have to do to lose it again…eat less, do more! I’ve put on 11lbs, not happy, but I know I can lose that in a month once the spring arrives. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it.

21 01 2011

Keep your eyes peeled for this weeks update 😀

but thanks for the support


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