Do You Want To Learn How To Cycle (Ride Your Bike) Faster ?

20 01 2011

……………..If you do, I have the eternal secrete……….


Its not peddle faster

Its not get more core strength

Its not go to the gym

Its not get a lighter bike…….

No no, its much more simple than that………


The secrete to being able to ride fast is…….Get some Pro Team Kit……

"What's He On ? "

Trust me, once you are wearing it, you feel amazing, look  damn good and if anyone attempts to grab your back wheel, then there is no way you are going to allow them to stay there.




8 responses

20 01 2011
Clive Chapman

Now that’s where I’d fail, I deliberately set out not to look like a cyclist, they’ve such terrible dress sense! Not that I’m a slave to fashion you understand!

20 01 2011

BUT you are one of those MTB’ing, Weird Shape Ball Playing, weirdo’s …So it doesn’t count what you say 🙂 LOL

21 01 2011
Clive Chapman

Put your claws away, you’re just jealous! 😉

21 01 2011

Meeeeawwwwwwww LOL

20 01 2011

LoL ..nice one Gaz made me chuckle..

21 01 2011

Thanks Dude 🙂

21 01 2011

I avoid wearing pro team kit because I hate been scalped by the local scallys 😉

21 01 2011

Makes me sprint when I see them as they know my bike isn’t a BSO LOL

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