I’m Such A Loser, I Have Totally Lost It !

22 01 2011

RIGHT…………..Hands Up who thought this was a self pitty, bad news post ??????? you should know better than that by now, I am only allowed a couple of those per year and there was one of them last week, not this week, Its been AMAZING !!!!!

This is a REFRESHING Post……..

I’m Such A Loser, I Have Totally Lost It !

8.5 Pounds !!!!!! it took me 3 weeks to gain  7.5 Pounds, I was disgusted with myself, ashamed at what I had done , the cock-up’s I made, so after last weeks post, there was no way this week was going to be anything other than a “home run”, I changed the way I look at food and the way my diet works and I cycled longer and harder than I have done since November, the result was I lost the 7.5 Pounds I gained and an extra one to boot, yup, Since Saturday last week I have lost 8.5 Pounds ! Weigh in isnt until Monday, so there is a chance I can go for a Double Digit loss, let’s see if the new way of eating is as good as I think it is !!!!

Tell me why I dont like Monday’s

Monday morning was warm (well, warm vs how it had been) so I donned my full Astana Team Kit and headed out for a nice early morning commute, I was filled with pride, I remember watching the 2009 Tour De France seeing Lance Armstrong in the same kit, wishing I could one day be slim enough to wear the same, I had lost around 15 stone but was still very much obese at this point and while I had turned my life around, I never thought I’d actually one day be wearing the same Kit as Lance. I hit Joel Lane HARD, I was stood up all the way, heading for a PB time, when BANG I snapped a spoke in the rear wheel, I know it wasn’t to do with my weight (like it used to be), maybe a 25% + Hill in the Big Ring put too much pressure on a factory built wheel, so I turned around, grabbed the MTB and headed down the canal, a little late, I pushed REALLY hard, ended up getting to work with a PB for the Canal Commute 😀

You Can Be Both:

A comment a month or 2 back left by Pete Mate said “Your a good Roadie and MTB’er and enjoy both, so be both” how glad was I that I indeed did what he said after Monday, This week I used the roadie 3 days and the MTB 2 days, a great mix or speed and bike handling skills.

Fog On The Tyne:

Tuesday saw the return of the Cannondale and up Joel Lane I went again, as I got to the top, in the dark, with no street lights, I noticed it was foggy, VERY foggy, so much so that I didn’t see my turn, and ended up bunny hopping onto a pavement to avoid smashing  into it, was glad once I was down the other side, hairy times.

Longer and Harder Than Before:

Wednesday saw the longest and hardest ride for around 8 weeks, I finished the day having cycled just under 30 Miles and my average speed  for the day was 15.2Mph, it had been a hard slog, but in the cold of January, still getting over the flu, struggling with Physio and having a stressful work day in-between , to say I was delighted was an understatement .


Flowers In The Window:

Went for a walk at Lunch on Thursday, Saw this. WTF


Mike Flowers Bike


Can Next Week Be As Good? :

So I have a huge set of results from this week, I have cycled over 115 Miles, Lost over half a stone, done Joel Lane,gotten a PB or 2,  can I match that next week ? Well I’m sore and pretty shattered right now, so how knows ? but keep tuned ……..I promise I will fight for it !!!!!

Anti Obesity Cycling Jersey:

I have a company set up, ready to print me some Anti-Obesity Cycling Jerseys, I have loads of ideas, but I am not a designer , infact I don’t have a clue when it comes to designing, anyone out there wanna help ?

*This is to raise awareness for Obesity NOT to make me money !



Make It HURT !

Then when it hurts too much, make it hurt MORE !!!!!!




9 responses

22 01 2011

Keep it up mate.Your fast becoming as much an inspiration as Mr Armstrong himself !!

22 01 2011

Thanks Dude

Lance is a legend though, Im just a ex-fat bloke from up north 😀

23 01 2011

Well done! You have jumped WAY ahead of me in our challenge. I’m down about 2.5 pounds. I better step it up.

Here is a link to Canari’s web site. They make cycling clothing and do excellent Custom work. And the prices aren’t bad. The massive cycling club I joined in Cali uses them for their club Kits and they look fantastic!

If you click on the “custom” button you can see how/where to design your stuff, but the best part is they have designers who will help create your designs for free!


23 01 2011

Thanks Dude

I was never going to rest till it was all gone, I have been told in the past that I am “Word Class @ Weight Loss” so it was about time I proved it again. Never thought I’d do so many difficult miles so early in the year, I feel amazing for it.

Thanks for the link i’ll check it out and well done on your loss too dude, every little helps

23 01 2011

By the way, nice site redesign!

23 01 2011

Thanks Dude

23 01 2011
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24 01 2011
Clive Chapman

I thought I’d clicked on the wrong link! Nice look though, in future warn the old and infirm of head like me, change is sooooo stressful!

25 01 2011


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