New And Improved Goal List

25 01 2011

So here is the NEW and IMPROVED Goal List, Some are to be finished in 2011, but overall they are a new set of goals that I can work towards every day, Its been a while as 98% of my old goals had been achieved, The Original list , is at the bottom.

1. Lose 40 Pounds in 2011

2. Cycle a Marathon at least once a week on the commute to/from work (26.2 Miles)

3. Run to work and back (13 Miles in total)

4. Cycle 90 Miles, off road, on a MTB

5. Cycle 100 Miles, on road, without stopping (Pee stops permitted)

6. Run The Manchester 10k

7. Finish the Mottram Moor Climb in under 7 Mins (Current PB 8 Mins 22 Seconds)

8.Weigh less than 200 Pounds

8. Wear Medium Tops

9. Wear 15″ Collar Shirts

10. Own a Trek Madone

11. Compete in a Triathlon

12. Run a Half Marathon

13. Write A Book of my journey

14. Promote cycling and weight loss to a room of Morbidly Obese adults

15. Ride a 100 Miles of Nowhere event

16.Never gain more than 1 pound in a week in 2011

17. Visit America and go for a ride

18. Ride a roller coaster again

19. Fit in a size 34 pants

20. Commute 250 Miles in 5 days

21. Ride the Manchester to Blackpool in under 3 hours

22. Get an average speed of over 20 MPH over a 10 Mile commute

23. Ride the Velodrome

24. Get my sprint speed to over 40 Mph (Current Best 36.8Mph)

25. Become a Personal Trainer for Obese Adults

26. Update the “Theme” of this blog Done

27. Ride Joel Lane at least once a week

28. Get my Skin removed

29. Ride a L’Étape du Tour

30. Get a Anti-Obesity Cycling Jersey Printed

31. If I don’t lose at least 2 Pounds in a single week I must wear THIS at least once the following week.

32. Cycle 15000 Miles

33. Cycle 20000 Miles

34. Admit I have a eating disorder

35. FINALLY Beat my eating disorder




14 responses

25 01 2011
pj mcnally

Great List!

I’m sure no. 31 will be really motivating. 🙂

Some of these are pretty tough targets!

Numbers 13, 14 and 25 sound great. Please be careful if you go for number 28!

And how about this one –

34. Go metric!

(Just a suggestion).

25 01 2011

Thanks Dude

31 is the BIGGIE, the Jersey is also huge on me now, so a double whammy 😀

Not much I can do about 28 TBH, The risk is outta my hands

Im sure I can add a couple more TBH, tho im not sure about 34. 🙂

25 01 2011
Toby Field

That’s a serious list!!

25 01 2011

Im a serious man 🙂

25 01 2011

Bloody hell Gaz you’ve set youself some challenges there.Good luck!!!!!!!!

26 01 2011

Cheers Dude, it keeps me focused and that in turn keeps me on the straight and narrow 🙂

26 01 2011

Great list…. I just did one to the other day. It is under one of my tabs mark “Setting The Bar”……. Good luck and good riding!

26 01 2011

Thanks for your comment, your goals look pretty epic 😀

26 01 2011
Clive Chapman

Wow, loving the book, personal trainer and mentor thing.

13.14 & 25.

Top skills.

27 01 2011


Lets hope I can pull ’em off

27 01 2011

That is some list! I like 13 – you’ve had some journey, in both weightloss and bikes.

27 01 2011

Thanks Dude

The Journey of bikes, weight loss, accidents, awards, media *Should* make for a great read 🙂

31 01 2011
Giles Williams

I’m not sure you’ve got 40lb to lose. Being too thin for your frame can be as bad as being too big. Amazing journey you’ve been on though!

1 02 2011

Thanks for your comment

I sure do have another 40lbs, I wanna Climb like Lance/ Alberto etc 🙂

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