New Bike Time – New PB Time’S , I’m On Fire !

27 02 2011

Yeahhhhhhh, The Gaz is on fire !!!!!

I have always wanted me one of these bikes, I knew it would be good for me, but I also knew that there would have been VERY little point until I am a half descent weight, well, the weight side sorted I set about finding one…..and Find one I sure as hell did.

Cannondale Caad 9 - HANDMADE In The USA

Its the last “Handmade in the USA” version AND It has the new BB30….Perfect for a rider like myself who relies on pure power as opposed to the skinny 8 stone cyclists who¬†relies on weighing less than my legs ūüôā

So last week it got a beating, every single day, and so did my PB’s, See below, the old on the left and in red the new, set by the CAAD9.

Best Devils Hill 1 Mins 05 Sec ….. 54 Seconds

Quickest Normal Commute 19mins 36 Seconds (20th May 2010)…..17 Mins 52 Seconds

Best Average Speed Over A 15 Mile Commute 17.1 Mph Average…..18.7MPH

Mottram Moor Climb¬†8 Mins 22 seconds Now Its 5 Mins 21 Seonds.……..5 Mins 14 Seconds

Quickest Mile ‚Äď 22.4 Mph….24.1MPH

So pretty much every PB has been smashed……The one thing I dont think I have ever recorded is my Joel Lane climb time….

Oh well, I will next time.

My Vocation:

I feel its my vocation in life, to work with obese adults and give them the tools I have given myself on my journey.

On Friday I took a small tentative step along that road, wish me well for what the future may hold.


Quick EDIT Time, I have just seen we have passed 70K views, Thanks everyone, we are going from strength to strength, I’m SOOO glad you are all passing on my site, I do this in the hope I can inspire and empower people to make the change, this place is getting more busy every day, In December we had almost 9k hits, January saw almost 13k hits and so far we are on for almost 11k hits in¬†February, those numbers blow my mind, THANK YOU !!!!




Retirement 2.0 – Fairwell Lance – Thanks For The Inspiration !

16 02 2011

The "Look"

His statement reads

“Today, I am announcing my retirement from professional cycling in order to devote myself full-time to my family, to the fight against cancer and to leading the foundation I established before I won my first Tour de France.

After that, Its just a blurr, for I make NO excuses, I am DEVASTATED at the news, we all knew it was coming this year, but Lance originally said that the Tour of California would be his last race, I watched every second of the Tour Down Under, thinking i’d get to see Lance, one last time, it was great watching him “Lead out” Team Radioshack.

But I “Knew” i’d see him at least once more. You see, since I learnt how to cycle (for the second time) just under 3 years ago, I have watched Armstrong’s EVERY move, I had anger, frustration, pain, hurt, suffering and frustration that was built up inside me, I had to learn, somehow, how to get all those emotions out, I read Lance’ books, watched his style and every single ride I had from there on out, was done in Armstrong Style, 200% effort, anger though the cranks, no matter what the pain and suffering I made sure I knew how to hurt myself and how to suffer, the result of this is I lost 25 stone, or for your American readers 350 pounds !!!!! and that is all thanks to Lance Armstrong, sure he didn’t push my legs round, but boy he taught me how to FIGHT FOR MY LIFE……THANK YOU LANCE….

I will find it hard to watch cycling without Lance, but we have the legend Mark Cavendish to entertain us.

2 LEGENDS Of Cycling !

its just a shame that Alberto Contador isnt still banned, I FULLY Expected Lance to give it one last throw of the dice at this years Tour De France if Alberto wasnt there, now he is, Lance retires, Seems I might have been right.

Shame There Will Be No 8th

chapeau & allez lance , you helped me save my life!

It’s All About The Jersey And The Food And The Magazine

13 02 2011

Last week was a journey of discovery for me, in so many new ways.

I eat more new flavours in a week, than I have ever done in the last 27 years, I got faster on the bike than ever before AND I learn about what Jersey makes your work the hardest, More on that later:

27 Years of Hurt:

It took me approx 10 years to get to just under 40 stone, it then took me a little over 2 years to fix it, so when I think about my eating disorder I then realise that its gonna be a long hard road and one that I need to remember I can fix over night. I was 3 when I¬†didn’t¬†have this disorder, that means I have 27 years of¬†learnt¬†behaviour¬†to “Fix”

The other “Light Bulb” moment I had was “I was 3 the last time I eat normally” but¬†what’s¬†normal for a 3 year old, I have not had chance in my life to learn about food, cooking, smells, textures, and everything else around food.

So I am going to have to start slowly and treat it like weaning a baby off milk.

This week has been good for flavours but its nowhere near good enough, but its week one, of undoing 27 years, i’ll get there.

People have commented “You need to know what caused this and deal with that”….I know what caused it, I blamed that incident for my¬†eating¬†and my weight, but it was 27 years ago, It might have caused it, but I am the one in¬†control¬†now , the fact its still an issue is down to ME and no-one else !!!!!

It’s All About The Jersey:

Discovery Channel:

I have never put as much effort in on the bike than when I wore this, my average Heart rate was 96% and my max was 107% (over 12 miles)

I defended the jersey at every turn, I dropped another roadie up a hill and was never ever in danger of being dropped by anyone else, this is the Jersey that you will work the hardest in, you WILL “Ride yourself into the ground”.

In short, I felt NO PAIN


Who turns up to a Hospital for an X-ray on their back and hip dressed like this ?

Well….Ermmmm…Me :D…This jersey gives you the strength to do things you never thought you could, coming home from the hospital I decided to come though Stayley-Vegas and climb into Hyde, via a half mile 12% climb, on my Steel Single speed…….Never ever did I think I’d do it, but I got more strength with every¬†pedal¬†turn.

HTC Columbia:

This was the jersey where I broke my PB and hit 21.2 Mph over a “Flat mile” that had a kicker of an incline in it, I¬†didn’t¬†feel compelled to “Rind myself into the ground” like the Discovery and Livestrong ones made me, but when I came to the “Kick” of the sprint of the lead out, there was no other jersey I would have wanted to be in.

Cycling Active:

There is an interview with me in April’s Cycling active, here is a sneek peak of a picture taken for the article, I hope you all enjoy the read.

Marty – Get The Time Machine

10 02 2011



I took the more difficult route home, traffic was HEAVY, lap times were slow

UNTIL Lap 9……..traffic cleared, I was warmed up, wearing HTC Columbia team kit I pushed harder than ever before, the 1982 Single-Speed Peugeot was crying out in pain but I was pushing pushing pushing, leading out like¬†Captain¬†America, Big George Hincapie himself.

I looked down at the Garmin and saw I’d done it, not 20 Mph, not 20.5, not 21 Mph BUT 21.2 Mph for the mile, I had my d-Lock with me and the middle part of the mile kicks up a little bit

What a result…….

21.2 MPH ...Not Kph.....

Also today, I had a new flavour, just to put it into context, new flavours are as much of a big deal as new textures are

I finished them, there wasnt an issue and ast times I was even enjoying myself.

Its baby steps right now, but baby steps that I have not taken, well, since I was a baby.



Goal Achieved – New PB Gained

10 02 2011

The Goal:

36. Eat at least one new food every fortnight

While the above goal is something that I will keep attempting to achieve until I have finally beaten my problems, I am actually really happy with the¬†progress¬†so far, now¬†don’t¬†get me wrong, its small steps (baby steps) but its steps I refused to take in the past because of being too scared.

so yesterday I decided to try a new texture and a new flavour, as crisps are the safest of safe foods for me I decided to not reinvent the wheel

First up was taste, I went for Nando’s Peri Peri Lime and Garlic

Just the thought of that in the past would have put me off, but no, I dived in,¬†didn’t¬†like the taste at first, wanted to stop, but forced myself to eat them, I am trying to show my brain that, even if it¬†doesn’t¬†like something, it wont kill me, and having such a limited flavour¬†palette I have to unlearn 27 years of learnt¬†behaviour.

Second up was sweet Chilli Snack-A-Jacks

This¬†didn’t¬†go as well LOL…I had a couple and threw the rest away, they were so nasty that they should be made¬†illegal, but speaking to other people, they say the same, so ¬†I¬†don’t¬†feel so bad about not finishing them. I wasnt sick, I didnt refuse, I just simply didnt like them.

With the orange¬†from¬†the weekend,¬†that’s¬†3 things since I “Came Out” , pardon the pun but I’m ¬†“Hungry for more”

Watch this space, I am gonna  annihilate it……I will annihilate it in the same way Lance annihilated Cancer !!!!!

The PB:

I am getting fitter and I am getting stronger last week I managed to average 19.2Mph over a mile (My garmin laps every mile so I know my pace), yesterday, while wearing full Discovery Kit

I managed a 19.5Mph average Mile on the way to work (Single Speed, Steel, 1982 Peugeot) but that¬†wasn’t¬†enough, I wanted a 20Mph Mile, on the way home I had a Physio appt, I¬†decided¬†to do some extra miles while wasting a little time before my appointment , traffic was heavy, I did an 18 odd Mph mile then heavy traffic slowed the next mile, this was a general theme for most of the ride….UNTIL , somehow I had managed .7 of a mile without getting caught in traffic, I realised this was my chance, but the last .3 miles were up a 3% hill, nothing major, but at just over 20 Mph, on a single speed, with a heavy D-Lock in your bag, it wasnt ideal, I flew past another roadie and just¬†kept¬†pushing…..hard….The result ? 19.9 Mph Mile ….arghhhhh so close to 20 Mph but another new PB, 3 for the day.

Bring It ! Team Discovery Channel & Team Livestrong !

8 02 2011





Today was a day I had been waiting for since I started cycling.

Lance Armstrong is a hero of mine, I love the Discovery and Livestrong kit’s, but its been a long time coming being able to fit into them.

Well today my 2011 Livestrong kit and Discovery kit arrived……When I wear them…YOU WILL Get scalped !!!!!

Finally, at this risk of pressing myself too much, I intend to eat something new tomorrow, I just dont know what ….YET !

EDIT: Im thinking “Veggie Sizzle” from Pizza Hut…..I dont do it by halves LOL…….Its only a thought right now though !

discovery channel pro cycling team


Goal (s) Achieved – PB SMASHED – New Goals Added – Great RadioShack Pictures Of Me

6 02 2011

I never thought “coming out” about my eating disorder and what I eat would have had such a positive affect on me.

You see, when I have “come out” in the past, I then retreat back into my shell and it gets worse, but today I woke up feeling chuffed at what I eat yesterday, at the fact I did it and the fact I wanted to do something else.

This afternoon after washing the Peugeot I went for a ride, it was cold, windy, and wet but I felt good about myself so I put my full Shack Kit on (with arm warmers) and set out on the “Mottram Moor Climb”

and here I am at the top

On the way to taking this picture the words of Colin rung in my ears “is it really so good to be at constant war with yourself” the climb resulted in me SMASHING my old PB of 8 Mins and 22, Its now an AMAZING 5 Mins and 21 Seconds !!!!!!!!!

Oh and to make it even better , I was on the STEEL Peugeot Single Speed !!!!!!!!

I set off with the normal ULTRA intensity that I ride with, but this time it was¬†different. While I can’t claim there was inner¬†piece, I think its safe to say there is a cease fire¬†¬†and for once the warring factions were working together like a V8 to make me fly up that hill. There is a long way to go for me, but thank you, each and every single one of you, I never expected the reaction either you gave me or that I gave myself but so far its all been for the better. I have a lot of your comments to reply to, I will, just give me time to get to all of them ūüôā

The Goals Added are:

32. Cycle 15000 Miles

33. Cycle 20000 Miles

34. Admit I have a eating disorder

35. FINALLY Beat my eating disorder

36. Eat at least one new food every fortnight

37. Try something I really¬†didn’t¬†like, for a second time

38. Get more visibility for men with eating disorders

The Radioshack Pictures:

Team Radioshack

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