Gaz Joins The SS :-). Here Is Why I Have Been Quiet This Week.

1 02 2011

Last week, due to various issues I was off the bike for a total of 4 days.

One of (but not the only reasons) is all my bikes are DEAD…….DEAD I SAID.

My 2 month old Cube Ltd Team 2011 has a cracked frame

Cube Frame Crack

I noticed there was something not right on the Canal last week, but thought it was just because it was REALLY muddy, anyway Cube have agree to replace the frame and I should have it back for weekend.

My Cannondale has a broken Mech hanger due to my AWESOME POWER !!!!!….A new one wont arrive till Friday…….

So I searched eBay and I got this for £40

Its a bit too small, weighs a TONNE but as an emergency bike  its fine. I rode it on Monday, Wasn’t that slow, but couldn’t be something I use over a prolonged period of time.

I then set about looking for a Single Speed , I love the thought of a single speed, very little to go wrong, ideal as a “Third” bike.

So I found this:

Peugeot Single Speed 1982

Its a CLASS bike, Here is the details:

1982 Peugeot framed single speed bike .

  • White powder coated “Carbolite” steel frame with Peugeot decals. Size 23.5 inches.
  • Chromed steel fork.
  • A head set converter and FSA stem.
  • Tektro brake levers.
  • Shimano Ultegra brakes .
  • Original chainset, converted to the single 42 tooth ring.
  • Shimano SPD 520 pedals.
  • 16 tooth freewheel at present.
  • DRC Italian track wheels.
  • Conti gatorskin tyres.
  • Carrera saddle, with adapted (shimmed) seatpost for the french sized frame.

I have put in around 25-30 miles on it today and I can confirm Its AWESOME

I can hold a cruising speed of  19-22Mph on the flat without breaking sweat, I did some 8% climbs and while they were a pain, I did them and at no less then 10Mph, its also the single most comfortable bike I have ever rode. A big old tank of a bike, fast , fun and comfortable.

So now I have N+1+1, No more lack of cycling due to mechanical issues for me, I also have a new cycling “love” Single Speed is Awesome fun.

Right, I have many miles to make up for, time to make sure this week is a pain and suffering feast.




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1 02 2011

I’m with you as a convert to singlespeedism, I’ve been sticking to one gear for a few months now, on my Subway LTD 21 speed, and it has rejuvenated my commuting, I love it. Hoping to get a singlespeed bike soon, or at least convert my old Subway 8 frame. Glad you’re back out there, bad news initially about your Cube. Cheers.

2 02 2011

I did attempt to do that on my Townsend, but found if I had gears, I would use them.

I think what I like about this is the quality of ride, dunno, its hard to say, but looking at my lap data from yesterday, climbs aside most miles were done at an average of between 15mph and 16mph.

1 02 2011
Peter Martin


2 02 2011

Cheers Pete Mate

2 02 2011
Clive Chapman

I was expecting you dressed in Black and preparing to invade Poland!

3 02 2011

At least someone “Got It” LOL 🙂

2 02 2011

Where did you find the Peugeot, eBay? How much? She’s a beaut!

3 02 2011

Got it from a Local off a cycling forum.

Bargain at £150, the wheels alone cost almost that.

3 02 2011

Just seen it on CycleChat 😉 lol

3 02 2011


Racked up 80 Miles since Tuesday, Im a SS Convert !

13 11 2011

Hi returned home today after riding my cube ltd race to find the exact same crack as yours had, how long did cube take to replace the frame


13 11 2011

Was approx 4 weeks

13 11 2011

Dam 4 weeks without a bike!

Did they question how the damage happened? my retailer is convinced I have had my seat post to high and it is my fault, this is certainly not the case though


14 11 2011

Yeah its a proper downer Im sorry to say

No, they could see my seat post was not over extended and had been that way for a while (grease marks) but I know most shops are quick to jump on the “Your seat post was too high” bandwagon.

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