Goal (s) Achieved – PB SMASHED – New Goals Added – Great RadioShack Pictures Of Me

6 02 2011

I never thought “coming out” about my eating disorder and what I eat would have had such a positive affect on me.

You see, when I have “come out” in the past, I then retreat back into my shell and it gets worse, but today I woke up feeling chuffed at what I eat yesterday, at the fact I did it and the fact I wanted to do something else.

This afternoon after washing the Peugeot I went for a ride, it was cold, windy, and wet but I felt good about myself so I put my full Shack Kit on (with arm warmers) and set out on the “Mottram Moor Climb”

and here I am at the top

On the way to taking this picture the words of Colin rung in my ears “is it really so good to be at constant war with yourself” the climb resulted in me SMASHING my old PB of 8 Mins and 22, Its now an AMAZING 5 Mins and 21 Seconds !!!!!!!!!

Oh and to make it even better , I was on the STEEL Peugeot Single Speed !!!!!!!!

I set off with the normal ULTRA intensity that I ride with, but this time it was different. While I can’t claim there was inner piece, I think its safe to say there is a cease fire  and for once the warring factions were working together like a V8 to make me fly up that hill. There is a long way to go for me, but thank you, each and every single one of you, I never expected the reaction either you gave me or that I gave myself but so far its all been for the better. I have a lot of your comments to reply to, I will, just give me time to get to all of them 🙂

The Goals Added are:

32. Cycle 15000 Miles

33. Cycle 20000 Miles

34. Admit I have a eating disorder

35. FINALLY Beat my eating disorder

36. Eat at least one new food every fortnight

37. Try something I really didn’t like, for a second time

38. Get more visibility for men with eating disorders

The Radioshack Pictures:

Team Radioshack




16 responses

6 02 2011
graham wald

Once again the man does it !

I am so pleased for you Gaz.
You are showing the way for fatties and foodies everywhere
You seem to be breaking every PB in the book !

Well done…

Good Luck with everything…cycling and The SED busting !

Live Long and Prosper


7 02 2011

Thanks G Man

Its now a new week, time to get on the look out for new foods , I have proven myself as a weight loss person and yesterday I had [proven myself as a climber (somehing I NEVER EVER thought i’d be) now its a SED smasher 😀


6 02 2011

At the risk of repeating myself … great stuff, Gaz!

Seeing as you are no longer at war with yourself – how about a smile for your next picture, you have so much to be proud of :-).


7 02 2011

Thanks T

I did take 2 pics, but the one with me smiling made me look a FOOL LOL

7 02 2011

hehe … something else to practice then 😉
Just in case you haven’t got enough challenges going!


8 02 2011

LOLOL, Just Gonna post more piccys, No smile there either LOL

6 02 2011
Clive Chapman

For team kit, that one isn’t too bad… 😉

7 02 2011

A ringing endorsement 😀

6 02 2011
Peter Martin

Nice Pics 😉

7 02 2011

Cheers Mate

7 02 2011

200!!! What a milestone! Congrats, man. That is huge. Huge in a very small way. 🙂

Well done. Can’t wait to ride Manchester – Blackpool with you.

7 02 2011

Thanks Dude, I was never sure I’d make it TBH

You planning a trip over here ?

7 02 2011

The SS looks great. I’ve always found steel bikes far more comfortable than aluminium framed ones. But there again I’ve never ridden a carbon one, but I’ve done thousands of miles on my old Dawes.

Good on you for “coming out ” about SED. If you write more about this, it will be interesting to read what you say about it in connection with cycling. As I know from touring if you are burning off say 6000 cals per day, how do you replace the calouries needed with a balance of carb and protein.

BTW I think it was brave of you to eat the orange as I never find the texture appealing, give me a glass of orange juice any day.

All the best.

8 02 2011

Cheers, Im Lov’in it, I really am.

TBH As for cycling, I do at the very least 24 miles per day, eating about 1500 calories , so the more I think about it, the more I wonder how I am not malnourished TBH …..But this is another journey of enlightment

Thanks Mate


8 02 2011

Well done mate! 🙂

8 02 2011

Cheers Gub’z

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