Bring It ! Team Discovery Channel & Team Livestrong !

8 02 2011





Today was a day I had been waiting for since I started cycling.

Lance Armstrong is a hero of mine, I love the Discovery and Livestrong kit’s, but its been a long time coming being able to fit into them.

Well today my 2011 Livestrong kit and Discovery kit arrived……When I wear them…YOU WILL Get scalped !!!!!

Finally, at this risk of pressing myself too much, I intend to eat something new tomorrow, I just dont know what ….YET !

EDIT: Im thinking “Veggie Sizzle” from Pizza Hut…..I dont do it by halves LOL…….Its only a thought right now though !

discovery channel pro cycling team





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9 02 2011
Clive Chapman

You mentioned being malnourished in a comment in the previous post mate. Chances are you are malnourished even though you appear to have the energy to pedal.

Do you take vitamin tablets because your intake won’t be giving your body the stuff it needs to stay healthy?

Hope I haven’t overstepped the mark there Gaz.

The Livestrong kit is marginally less cycley than the Discovery kit so if you pushed me I’d go for that one! 😉

11 02 2011

I’d guess I am malnourished mate, though is been 27 years and somehow I keep powering through it, that said, the time to change and put it right is now.

I take Multi-bionta (well I started 30 days ago)

Nop, you didnt mate, I need to face upto this and STOP running from it/burring my head in the sand

Another Huge endorsement from Clive there :-0 LOL

9 02 2011

Wow! You are pretty unrecognisable now from your “before” pictures @ 39st!

You are so going to fly on the bike once you have more healthy slow-release carbs in your diet, and protein etc …

You say you don’t want to try eating fish in a comment on an earlier post – I really don’t think there is any need to force yourself to try things you don’t fancy (yet ;-). Especially at this early stage I would just go with the flow and enjoy exploring new flavours and textures that you DO fancy. There is plenty of time to learn about a balanced diet as you go along.

And don’t forget, there are plenty of people who don’t like fish, or liver, or mushrooms, or bananas or whatever, and they don’t force themselves to eat it. Most people have SOMETHING they really don’t like, and lots of things they have no strong opinion about, but will eat it if they have to.

As an example, my personal nemesis is butter (or margarine) spread on sandwiches, it’s something about the texture as I bite into it, and the flavour seems to stick …
I haven’t eaten this since I was about 4 years old (when I was sick from it), and have only very recently been able to stomach the odd sandwich with butter on it when there was nothing else at all to eat and I was very hungry, or when it would have been rude not to at least have a small bit. But I still don’t like it and won’t eat it if there are alternatives, whereas butter used for cooking or baking is fine.

Another example, my darling husband eats most things apart from raspberries and pears – something about the texture apparently, and he could easily do without potatoes, but will eat them (and complain that he would have preferred rice 😉

Just talk to anybody, and they will tell you they eat most things, apart from xxx. The tricky bit is to remember what xxx is when you invite them round for dinner.
But I am rambling …


P.S. Is that a semi-smile in the 2nd picture? 😉

11 02 2011


Thanks 🙂

I agree, my diet is CRAP, yet I can still commute 30 miles a day and do a day job in-between, I can still average over 20 mph on a single speed, what can I do when I am fuelled correctly ? It excites me hugely.

I think the trick is to find what XXX is with me and build on the fact that, ok XXX I wont eat, but YYY is cool for me to eat, as opposed to my old mind set of XXX and YYY are not something I WANT to eat.

A Semi-Smirk more like LOL

7 08 2011


where did you find the discovery channel pro cycling team
i search for this clothes.

7 08 2011


7 08 2011

can you send me email what seller it is on ebay?
How is the quality ?

7 08 2011

I dont have it anymore as it was months ago

Quality is good tho 🙂

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