Goal Achieved – New PB Gained

10 02 2011

The Goal:

36. Eat at least one new food every fortnight

While the above goal is something that I will keep attempting to achieve until I have finally beaten my problems, I am actually really happy with the progress so far, now don’t get me wrong, its small steps (baby steps) but its steps I refused to take in the past because of being too scared.

so yesterday I decided to try a new texture and a new flavour, as crisps are the safest of safe foods for me I decided to not reinvent the wheel

First up was taste, I went for Nando’s Peri Peri Lime and Garlic

Just the thought of that in the past would have put me off, but no, I dived in, didn’t like the taste at first, wanted to stop, but forced myself to eat them, I am trying to show my brain that, even if it doesn’t like something, it wont kill me, and having such a limited flavour palette I have to unlearn 27 years of learnt behaviour.

Second up was sweet Chilli Snack-A-Jacks

This didn’t go as well LOL…I had a couple and threw the rest away, they were so nasty that they should be made illegal, but speaking to other people, they say the same, so  I don’t feel so bad about not finishing them. I wasnt sick, I didnt refuse, I just simply didnt like them.

With the orange from the weekend, that’s 3 things since I “Came Out” , pardon the pun but I’m  “Hungry for more”

Watch this space, I am gonna  annihilate it……I will annihilate it in the same way Lance annihilated Cancer !!!!!

The PB:

I am getting fitter and I am getting stronger last week I managed to average 19.2Mph over a mile (My garmin laps every mile so I know my pace), yesterday, while wearing full Discovery Kit

I managed a 19.5Mph average Mile on the way to work (Single Speed, Steel, 1982 Peugeot) but that wasn’t enough, I wanted a 20Mph Mile, on the way home I had a Physio appt, I decided to do some extra miles while wasting a little time before my appointment , traffic was heavy, I did an 18 odd Mph mile then heavy traffic slowed the next mile, this was a general theme for most of the ride….UNTIL , somehow I had managed .7 of a mile without getting caught in traffic, I realised this was my chance, but the last .3 miles were up a 3% hill, nothing major, but at just over 20 Mph, on a single speed, with a heavy D-Lock in your bag, it wasnt ideal, I flew past another roadie and just kept pushing…..hard….The result ? 19.9 Mph Mile ….arghhhhh so close to 20 Mph but another new PB, 3 for the day.




2 responses

10 02 2011
Clive Chapman

Small steps mate, small steps… 🙂

10 02 2011

Baby ones mate, BABY STEPS

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