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10 02 2011



I took the more difficult route home, traffic was HEAVY, lap times were slow

UNTIL Lap 9……..traffic cleared, I was warmed up, wearing HTC Columbia team kit I pushed harder than ever before, the 1982 Single-Speed Peugeot was crying out in pain but I was pushing pushing pushing, leading out like Captain America, Big George Hincapie himself.

I looked down at the Garmin and saw I’d done it, not 20 Mph, not 20.5, not 21 Mph BUT 21.2 Mph for the mile, I had my d-Lock with me and the middle part of the mile kicks up a little bit

What a result…….

21.2 MPH ...Not Kph.....

Also today, I had a new flavour, just to put it into context, new flavours are as much of a big deal as new textures are

I finished them, there wasnt an issue and ast times I was even enjoying myself.

Its baby steps right now, but baby steps that I have not taken, well, since I was a baby.






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10 02 2011
Gurbinder Singh

Well done mate for trying new things! It’ll take time for your palet to adjust to these new flavours and textures!

Keep up the good work 🙂

10 02 2011

Cheers Gub’z mate

Slowly but surly eh ?

10 02 2011
BenBlyth (Bensbigttrip)

Word up to you Gaz.

Great stuff trying the new flavour. It’s a big step if you ask me.

Make sure you don’t beat yourself up if you don’t try stuff as quick as you want. Look at it as a good thing as you now get to enjoy new foods for the first time.

10 02 2011

Cheers Ben Mate

I agree, even thinking of the names of foods can sometimes freak me out, crazy huh ?

So far its going well and Im not throwing in the tower when I do try something new, even if I dont like it

27 years of the same tastes , sights and smells has to be unlearn’t and its not gonna happen over night

It took me 8 years to get to 39 stone and 2 years to get it off

Its taken me 27 years to get to this point…….the weight LOOKED a bigger challenge, it wasnt, im in for a street fight with this, where as the fight with the weight was a mis-match and I bullied it to submission, I cant do the same with my eating, I gotta slog it out, toe to toe

10 02 2011

Did I read “ONE new food every two weeks” in your goals list recently? You really are going for this, at high speed, considering it’s not even a week since you started! I have lost count already, but you seem to have eaten more different things over the last week than over the last 27 years! A new record 🙂

So what’s your favourite so far, of the new foods?


11 02 2011

Yup, that was the goal 🙂

I have broken new ground this week vs the last 27 years thats for sure and the best thing about it, is that I am far from happy, I want more, I want to win this fight early, Im so in the zone right now.

The crazy thing is I enjoyed it all, apart from the nasty Snack-A-Jacks !

11 02 2011
Peter Martin

I would need to xray that frame to check if there is an engine hidden 😉

11 02 2011

After tonight I’d agree

I got it up a 12% hill, that lasted for .5 of a mile at 10 Mph after 20 miles ……….

I was feck’ed though

11 02 2011

snack-a-jacks are nasty, full stop!
Urghh! You are just demonstrating good taste, not being fussy 😉


11 02 2011

Great to hear it LOL 😀

12 02 2011
pj mcnally

Yep, I’d second that – snacka-jacks are just nasty!

You’re an inspiration as ever, Gaz. I came across an article in the Guardian about a woman with SED, and it reminded me of you:

Except that the awesome thing is, you’re moving on and facing up to it!

I had an hour on the bike today – I’ve missed it in the last month due to having exams to sit – but those are over now 🙂 . Took your advice, got some team kit (just bibs, more for comfort than anything else) – it really powers you along! Or maybe it’s just really comfy.

And i’ve been reading Lance’s book this week (have wanted to for ages). TBH i’d just assumed that he doped, maybe less than the others, and he was just never caught. Your belief in him made me want to read the book and reconsider. Now I’m really starting to believe in him again! So thanks for putting me onto a good thing.

12 02 2011


Glad NO ONE seems to like them LOL

Yup, It seems your not alone in making me aware of that, but thanks

It seems strange how different her attitude is, she is quiet happy to carry on and while she doesnt seem to have the same fears as me, I still find it a little weird TBH, how can anyone be happy ?

I know Im not that’s for sure.

Glad your back in the saddle 😀

Excellent, TBH I was unsure, he won 7 Times when EVERYONE around him was doping but fck me, he’s a freaking LEGEND of a MAN

But doper and Lance should NEVER be used in the same sentence 😀

12 02 2011
12 02 2011

Appreciate that, thanks man

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