It’s All About The Jersey And The Food And The Magazine

13 02 2011

Last week was a journey of discovery for me, in so many new ways.

I eat more new flavours in a week, than I have ever done in the last 27 years, I got faster on the bike than ever before AND I learn about what Jersey makes your work the hardest, More on that later:

27 Years of Hurt:

It took me approx 10 years to get to just under 40 stone, it then took me a little over 2 years to fix it, so when I think about my eating disorder I then realise that its gonna be a long hard road and one that I need to remember I can fix over night. I was 3 when I didn’t have this disorder, that means I have 27 years of learnt behaviour to “Fix”

The other “Light Bulb” moment I had was “I was 3 the last time I eat normally” but what’s normal for a 3 year old, I have not had chance in my life to learn about food, cooking, smells, textures, and everything else around food.

So I am going to have to start slowly and treat it like weaning a baby off milk.

This week has been good for flavours but its nowhere near good enough, but its week one, of undoing 27 years, i’ll get there.

People have commented “You need to know what caused this and deal with that”….I know what caused it, I blamed that incident for my eating and my weight, but it was 27 years ago, It might have caused it, but I am the one in control now , the fact its still an issue is down to ME and no-one else !!!!!

It’s All About The Jersey:

Discovery Channel:

I have never put as much effort in on the bike than when I wore this, my average Heart rate was 96% and my max was 107% (over 12 miles)

I defended the jersey at every turn, I dropped another roadie up a hill and was never ever in danger of being dropped by anyone else, this is the Jersey that you will work the hardest in, you WILL “Ride yourself into the ground”.

In short, I felt NO PAIN


Who turns up to a Hospital for an X-ray on their back and hip dressed like this ?

Well….Ermmmm…Me :D…This jersey gives you the strength to do things you never thought you could, coming home from the hospital I decided to come though Stayley-Vegas and climb into Hyde, via a half mile 12% climb, on my Steel Single speed…….Never ever did I think I’d do it, but I got more strength with every pedal turn.

HTC Columbia:

This was the jersey where I broke my PB and hit 21.2 Mph over a “Flat mile” that had a kicker of an incline in it, I didn’t feel compelled to “Rind myself into the ground” like the Discovery and Livestrong ones made me, but when I came to the “Kick” of the sprint of the lead out, there was no other jersey I would have wanted to be in.

Cycling Active:

There is an interview with me in April’s Cycling active, here is a sneek peak of a picture taken for the article, I hope you all enjoy the read.




7 responses

13 02 2011

Well done again on all the new stuff, Gaz! You’ve made the biggest steps by talking about the SED and actually trying things you haven’t tried before. The key is not to get hung up on individual foods (your snack-a-jack example – urghh! 😉 ), but to keep trying (and trying again), as your taste buds & tolerance of flavours and textures will develop with time…. and to give yourself the time it takes.

I hadn’t heard of SunBites, so went and had a look: On their website it says “Made with whole oats, whole wheat and whole corn, every bag of SunBites provides more than 1/3 of the suggested daily amount of wholegrains* and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. SunBites also contain 30% less fat than regular crisps”.

As crisps-type snacks go, that doesn’t sound too bad. But, according to, they still contain > 20% fats, and in the bigger scheme of things are “highly processed foods”. In the longer term, you should eventually aim to eating crisps as occasional snacks, but I think you are doing the right thing by taking it one step at a time. And you are making big steps!!!

The smoothies are a great idea, with lots of good stuff in them, and lots of exciting flavours to try. In the longer term, you can branch out and try your favourite fruit flavours in their original shape & texture, as a next step. But be patient with yourself!

What I am trying to say is that, in the long run, you should be aiming for a balanced diet rich in fresh fruit & vegetables, little processed carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, wholegrains & pasta, nuts, proteins such as dairy, meat, fish (if you can find some you like ;-), eggs etc… there is nothing wrong with the occasional crisps, cakes, chocolate etc, though, either.

Once you’ve got used to new things to the extent that it’s no longer such a big deal to try yet another new texture/flavour, you can start putting the building blocks of a healthy diet together, one at a time. Gradually replacing your currently familiar foods with the good stuff, step by step, will be much less of a shock to your digestive system as well.

But I wouldn’t worry about the details too much just now, you are wise to take it slowly, and celebrate each success as it comes (while not worrying about the occasional snack-a-jack moment ;-).


17 02 2011

Thanks for all your support, Things have gone as well this week, lots of other pressures on, but with the support I got here, i’ll get there, wherever there is.

13 02 2011

Nothing tastes better than Doritos!!!

As for Smoothies – Innocent Smoothies are wonderfully tasty. I suggest you try the Asda’s “Chosen By You” fruit juices too.

I can’t say I know what you are going through, as I will put anything in my mouth once – but what I can say is that its taken balls for you to come out and say what you have said, and you are dealing with it in the right way.

Good luck, and my support is here for you.

17 02 2011

Thanks man, I appreciate it, I really do.

14 02 2011

I was wondering if you have recognised the risk that enjoying a large variety of food may constitute towards maintaining your weight loss?

For that reason maybe you should be targeting healthy foods and a healthy eating regime as the core strategy?

By that I mean set meal times, sitting down to eat – no snacking.

Would be a fucker if you ended up beating this SED but regaining weight as a consequence.

15 02 2011

OMG, you look awesome!

I’ve been following your blog for a while now — you continue to be a real inspiration to me.

I guess I need to get one of those Team Discovery jerseys! 😀

16 02 2011

Thanks Very much

Yup, Those Disco kits help you hurt yourself like you never knew you could, they make you feel pain that you have never felt.

Now Lance is retired , my next Jersey is a Yellow TdF Discovery one.

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