Retirement 2.0 – Fairwell Lance – Thanks For The Inspiration !

16 02 2011

The "Look"

His statement reads

“Today, I am announcing my retirement from professional cycling in order to devote myself full-time to my family, to the fight against cancer and to leading the foundation I established before I won my first Tour de France.

After that, Its just a blurr, for I make NO excuses, I am DEVASTATED at the news, we all knew it was coming this year, but Lance originally said that the Tour of California would be his last race, I watched every second of the Tour Down Under, thinking i’d get to see Lance, one last time, it was great watching him “Lead out” Team Radioshack.

But I “Knew” i’d see him at least once more. You see, since I learnt how to cycle (for the second time) just under 3 years ago, I have watched Armstrong’s EVERY move, I had anger, frustration, pain, hurt, suffering and frustration that was built up inside me, I had to learn, somehow, how to get all those emotions out, I read Lance’ books, watched his style and every single ride I had from there on out, was done in Armstrong Style, 200% effort, anger though the cranks, no matter what the pain and suffering I made sure I knew how to hurt myself and how to suffer, the result of this is I lost 25 stone, or for your American readers 350 pounds !!!!! and that is all thanks to Lance Armstrong, sure he didn’t push my legs round, but boy he taught me how to FIGHT FOR MY LIFE……THANK YOU LANCE….

I will find it hard to watch cycling without Lance, but we have the legend Mark Cavendish to entertain us.

2 LEGENDS Of Cycling !

its just a shame that Alberto Contador isnt still banned, I FULLY Expected Lance to give it one last throw of the dice at this years Tour De France if Alberto wasnt there, now he is, Lance retires, Seems I might have been right.

Shame There Will Be No 8th

chapeau & allez lance , you helped me save my life!




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16 02 2011

Here’s what I think…

Rooney’s goal was an homage to Lance. To honor him and all he’s done.

What do you think? 🙂

16 02 2011


Nice try BUT The **** Rooney pulled with his statment has still not been forgiven, regardless of it being one of the best goals I have seen, Wayne is NOT Forgiven…….

Tomorrow I commute in Full Radioshack kit and GOD HELP Anyone that gets in my way, that will be a REAL Homage to Lance…….


16 02 2011

Say hello on your way past 😉

16 02 2011

Of course 🙂

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is going to get beasted out of my frustration tomorrow !!!!

16 02 2011

Nice Post Thanks!

17 02 2011

Your welcome

16 02 2011

Ditto……an inspiration to thousands…….Livng legend

17 02 2011

Biggest Legend there is !

17 02 2011
Clive Chapman

Now I’m no cycle sport fan as such, I’ll watch the TDF and be in awe of the stamina of the athletes, the level of suffering they endure is at levels the average Conservative MP or High Court Judge would pay thousands for at high class establishments in Soho.

But, I’m under no illusions that drug taking is endemic in the Peloton and Lance just hasn’t been caught yet. Maybe he never will. I kind of hope he doesn’t.

This is no way belittleing his achievements. The man is amazing. An absolute inspiration, but to win in pro cycling you need to be a drug user. Simple. Until they genuinely clean up the whole of pro cycling it’ll always be a drug fest and every successful rider guilty by implication. I’m not condoning drugs here, just recognising the situation for what it clearly is.

But good luck to Lance, in his environment he was and is a legend and his battle against illness a shining example to others. Enjoy your retirement and I hope your Cancer Campaign is as successful as your TDF carreer!

17 02 2011

Hater !!!!!

Only joking

Thing is, At the time Lance won 7 TdF’s its widely acknowledged that a hell of a lot of the Peloton were doping

SO, if Lance was, he was simply on a level playing field with everyone else and won 7 TdF’s with people in the same situation as him , after being as good as dead, that’s incredible

If he DIDNT dope and everyone around him did and he won 7 TdF’d after being as good as dead then FCK ME he’s not human !!!!!!!

Of course IF he did, I hope it never comes out, would ruin all the great work for Livestrong and all the faith people (like me) put into him.

But im realistic

That said, He is still simply the best cyclist ever and the biggest legend of my life time.

Allez Lance !

17 02 2011
John Wilson

Eddy Merckx was better…

17 02 2011

Hush man !

18 02 2011
Clive Chapman

That’s exactly my point Gaz. I ain’t condoning it, but everyone was/is at it in Pro cycling. Drug taking that is!

Oh and I agree with John, as great as Lance is, no-one will ever beat Eddie Mercx.

19 02 2011

With all due respect to Mercx, he didn’t win the tour 7 times, he wasn’t as good as dead with cancer.

Lance’s doctor said in an inter that while he gave him a 50% chance to live that was only to give him something to cling onto, the truth if the matter is he gave him LESS than a 20% chance of survival, to come back from that and ride a bike again is amazing, to come back from that and win a stage is the stuff of legends BUT to come back from that and WIN the hardest race in the world 7 TIMES totally defy’s belief

18 02 2011

My 2 cents… as someone who has followed the sport of cycling for over 12 years, and followed it in depth for the last five/six, I am of the opinion that yes, Lance probably did some blood doping within the first 2 of his TDF wins. And as has been pointed out, probably a large percentage of the GC contenders were all doping then in one form or another.

I say GC contenders because that’s one of the many things people who don’t follow/understand pro cycling are not aware of – the guys who dope make up less than ten percent of the peloton. The main body of the peloton does not and has never doped. Why? Because there is no need. If you listen to guys in and around pro cycling as well as the UCI, they will confirm this. The advantage gained through doping only helps you win the long stage races – the GC’s. And guys who can compete for those wins are few and far between.

Also, the guys who dope (and get caught) make ALL the cycling headlines, because printing a story that 90+% of the peloton is clean just won’t sell as many rags, nor get as many blog hits. Also, let’s take a realistic look at how many pro cyclists have been busted for doping in the past four years – let’s say post-Floyd. The number is very, very few. Contador is the latest and the accusations at him are thin to say the least. But it just goes to show you how tough cycling’s anti-doping policies are.

And another thing few people are aware of – it is becoming almost impossible to insure a pro team these days if there is ANY hint that doping may take or may have taken place. See Garmin-Cervelo’s recent firing of their team director for doing something that MIGHT have led to doping down the road.

Back to Lance… there is no debate, no question at all that since 2001 – when France made it their obsession to get rid of the yank – Lance Armstrong has been the single most tested athlete on the planet. No question at all this is true. The proof is in black-and-white and anyone can look at it. So if he’d done ANYTHING the least bit illegal (like eat bad beef from Japan) he would have been “caught.”

No athlete in ANY sport has been as tested and as hunted as Lance has since 2001. So if you believe he has doped in any way in the last 10-11 years then you MUST ALSO believe that he is either the single greatest criminal mastermind in Earth’s history, or is part of a conspiracy that would involve so many people it would be on the level of who shot JFK. Because he would not only be the ONLY guy who has gotten away with it, but he got away with it WHILE BEING THE MOST TESTED, MOST SCRUTINIZED human on the planet.

I don’t like those odds. I don’t buy it for a second. Therefore, I believe he has never doped since possibly blood doping (with his own blood) back in the late 90’s.

And while I’m on my soapbox, here’s a little tidbit for those folks who think the sport of cycling is so dirty, and that they all cheat… I will stake the lives of my kids on the fact that pro cycling is one of the CLEANEST sports out there. Cycling is light years cleaner than American football (NFL), or baseball, or pro basketball. Why? Because cycling doesn’t have all the leagues and commissioners and agents and sponsors and unions all working together to hide the athletes’ cheating. To cover it up. Major league baseball’s players union won’t even ALLOW the league to test for certain dope. And they don’t allow testing results of certain drugs to be made public.


Insiders and experts estimate that nearly 70% of players in the NFL are on some kind of drug, mostly HGH – which the players union does NOT allow the league to test for, ala MLB.


Compare that to less than 10% of pro cycling, with that number dropping every day. If you look at the agreement between the NBA players union and the league, you will see clause after clause after clause protecting the players from almost any but the most basic of drug testing. And again, the results being made public? You need a dozen lawyers and a ton of cash for that to happen.

And what happens when a pro ball player is discovered to have doped? Do they get multi-year bans and have wins and awards taken away from them like cyclists? NO. They are fined a microscopic amount (compared to their salaries), and so long as they go public and say they are sorry and made a “mistake” they are allowed to go right back to work at full salary, and everyone applauds their courage.

If pro (American) football, baseball or basketball was as dedicated to cleaning up their sports as pro cycling, there would be hardly anyone to fill the uniforms.

So before anyone bashes pro cycling as a “dirty” sport – which they do based on ONLY seeing cycling headlines whenever it involves doping – think about this: IF the professional sports of baseball, basketball and (American) football had the same zero-tolerance policy that cycling does, how often you would see headlines about players being caught? It would become so standard, so every day, that the media would begin to ignore it as business as usual.

It’s naive to think cycling is a dirty sport when you look at it in the context of professional sports around the world. And Lance?

Live. Strong.

19 02 2011

Every single thing you have wrote there is stuff I have wanted to say, its just you put it in a way I couldn’t.

There’s too many smoking guns re his first 2 wins to think he didn’t transfuse his own blood, but from there on out, as you say , to be the single most tested athlete and not get a positive result says everything, IF like some people believe he was doing stuff and the UCI, the WADA etc etc etc all knew and swept it under the carpet then Lance would be broke,as he’d have to pay them all a huge amount to keep quiet.

Floyd is a prick, no 2 ways about it.

Cycling is seen as dirty but in truth it’s far from it

as a side note re NFL, Merriman, formerly of my team , The Chargers, was done for doping and ever since he come back from his ban, he has been utterly rubbish, injury’s aside for a second and he is simply a shadow of the Juiced up Merriman and that’s a fact.

Forget the lockout because of the CBA issues, if you dope tested them there would be a lockout due to lack of players.

19 02 2011
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