New Bike Time – New PB Time’S , I’m On Fire !

27 02 2011

Yeahhhhhhh, The Gaz is on fire !!!!!

I have always wanted me one of these bikes, I knew it would be good for me, but I also knew that there would have been VERY little point until I am a half descent weight, well, the weight side sorted I set about finding one…..and Find one I sure as hell did.

Cannondale Caad 9 - HANDMADE In The USA

Its the last “Handmade in the USA” version AND It has the new BB30….Perfect for a rider like myself who relies on pure power as opposed to the skinny 8 stone cyclists who relies on weighing less than my legs 🙂

So last week it got a beating, every single day, and so did my PB’s, See below, the old on the left and in red the new, set by the CAAD9.

Best Devils Hill 1 Mins 05 Sec ….. 54 Seconds

Quickest Normal Commute 19mins 36 Seconds (20th May 2010)…..17 Mins 52 Seconds

Best Average Speed Over A 15 Mile Commute 17.1 Mph Average…..18.7MPH

Mottram Moor Climb 8 Mins 22 seconds Now Its 5 Mins 21 Seonds.……..5 Mins 14 Seconds

Quickest Mile – 22.4 Mph….24.1MPH

So pretty much every PB has been smashed……The one thing I dont think I have ever recorded is my Joel Lane climb time….

Oh well, I will next time.

My Vocation:

I feel its my vocation in life, to work with obese adults and give them the tools I have given myself on my journey.

On Friday I took a small tentative step along that road, wish me well for what the future may hold.


Quick EDIT Time, I have just seen we have passed 70K views, Thanks everyone, we are going from strength to strength, I’m SOOO glad you are all passing on my site, I do this in the hope I can inspire and empower people to make the change, this place is getting more busy every day, In December we had almost 9k hits, January saw almost 13k hits and so far we are on for almost 11k hits in February, those numbers blow my mind, THANK YOU !!!!






11 responses

27 02 2011

Holy Mount Ventoux, Batman!

You change bikes like I change socks!

But good on ya, keep riding, and PLEASE – keep dropping those unknowing riders and keep defending the jersey! Never stop, never give up, and Livestrong!

Shhh… check out my blog soon for the possibility of a new bike entering my life. :O

27 02 2011

As good as all the bikes have been I have owned, To get something as good as the 9 and that says USA on it, was never something I was going to miss out on now was t 🙂

I have also cleared out a couple of bikes too, nowt wrong with them, but what I am ordering now is pretty damn special !

but Im keeping it quiet for now 😀

EDIT: I’ll always defend the jersey, with every last breath I have in my body !

27 02 2011

How long does it take you to do 10 km on a stationary cycle? (I need a target to aim at)



28 02 2011

ekkkk, never really measured turbo trainer times.

There is this tho

Not sure it helps but 26 miles in 1 hr 10 mins

28 02 2011
Steven Irelands Underpants

It’s about time you entered a TT or Audax or even went on a club ride. Might give you some humility.

28 02 2011

I don’t think I lack humility at all to be fair, most of what I write is in jest and it shows how someone can totally turn everything around, anyone that knows me, knows im very humble.

That said, I’d love to show up at a TT and not come last, would be pretty darn special TBH

28 02 2011
Clive Chapman

Don’t ever stop!

28 02 2011

I wont…..EVER !

28 02 2011

Awesome bike, awesome PB’s, congrats and keep up your inspiring progress and reports.

28 02 2011

Thanks Dude

Appreciate that, big time.

20 03 2012
Mike Binnix

Congrats on all Gaz! Especially interested in reading about the work with others afflicted by obesity.

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