Weight Loss – Targets – Goals – Achievements

29 03 2011



This post is inspired by BenBlyth……

last year he left a comment asking or suggesting I make a post on weight loss, goals, targets , revisions etc.

I feel I am now in a place to do that.

So, at 39 stone 13 Pounds I sat down with my surgeon and we talked numbers, we talked 8XL Tops, 68″ waist, then we talked about what would be realistic if I had the surgery.

The Pic That Started It All, Gaz @ 34 Stone

He said 22 stone, 3XL, 46″ waist – ISH

I didn’t have that operation, those numbers came, without a Gastric Bypass, without pills but with good old fashion hard work.


Once I was at 22 Stone, I thought, I don’t feel the need to stop, I am not going to change what I am doing, and set myself the new target of 20 stone, less than 2 months later, I was there, at 20 stone, so I did the same and set myself 18 stone, then 16 stone, it took longer to get to each of my new goals but I achieved them all.

Then one day I said right 14 stone and I am done on my journey of weight loss and onto maintenance, I didn’t change anything apart from rode a few extra miles a day and a little faster, something I had been doing since I started anyway because I love it so much.

I stand here today at 14 stone, Size 34 waist, M/Large tops , my weight goes from 13 stone 12 pounds  to 14 stone 2 pounds , but I am happy where I am, if my body wants to lose more then fine, but I am happy with the amount I ride and eat for it not to be a bind and I feel that is the best way to do it, don’t starve or restrict yourself , you will get bored and then binge then pile it back on.

Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER....39 Stone Cyclist

Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER.... DON'T QUIT , Taken in Dec 2010

Just think of what I could achieve if only I could get that operation to remove my skin !!!!

Photo Shoot 2011 - Cycling Active



FM028, 60CM, None ISP, SRAM Rival/Force, My Carbon Fibre Has Taken Its Maiden Voyage

26 03 2011

Today I rode, for the first time, My New Carbon Fibre bike.

Looking at the tech sheet/ Technical drawings , you would be forgiven for thinking its a Trek Madone, but its not, its a Chinese Madone, or as I like to call it, a Chi-Done 🙂

Since I started to cycle I always wanted a Carbon bike, but , put simply, I was too darn fat. I’m not any more, In fact I have not been for at least 6 months BUT I wanted to wait, make sure I didnt gain weight and then reward myself.

FM028 None Isp 60CM Cheap Frame Carbon

With the help of a bike shop and then a good friend its now together, there are a couple of adjusters missing so its not 100% right now, but after 5 Miles today I know all I need to, lets look at some figures:

Frame Inc Shipping : £325 (No Customs)

Groupset SRAM Rival/Force £230

Shop Costs £40

So for less than £600 I have a brand new Carbon Bike, with pretty much the same Tech Sheet as a Madone

FM028 Front Cable

The Bike is BB30, however as I am  not flush with cash, this build has been kept to a minimum, as such its running an adaptor, meaning it can only get better.

I cant say how well it will hold up to my beatings every day, but for now, I can say that it climbs like a beast, its lighter than my CAAD9 (BB30) and Stiffer than my CAAD9, and descending its as sold as a rock, I cant wait to beat it every day, but for now simply marvel in the glory of a Carbon SRAM road bike for less than an average Hybrid

Update, its been up Joel Lane, to Werneth Low, Its stiff climbing, great at sprinting and rock sold cornering

FM028 werneth low


The “About Gaz” Page Has Been Updated.

26 03 2011

I did say, that I would write this at the end of December, but I didn’t, so its almost 4 months late, sorry 😀

So the “About Gaz” page has now been updated with information covering from July 2010 to the start of 2011, you can either click the link to read the WHOLE story from start to finish,or you can simply scroll down and read the bit I have just wrote, either way, enjoy.



Just a few days  after the finished the above, I was on my way into work, on my new MTB, I had climbed Joel Lane, and was pushing for around 20 miles , I am tired, I join Wilmslow Road, because its been such a long  journey I check my helmet camera at the next lights, the battery is dead, I pop it in my pocket and carry on.

A couple of miles later, I notice the road (Wilmslow Road) is quiet, I look behind me, there is nothing, I look in front, there is nothing, its weird, almost like its been closed off. 45 seconds later, I approach a green light, there is a van on the other side of the road, he can see me, after all there is nothing in front or behind me and I am on a bright red and silver bike, for a reason I will never know, he pulled out infront of me and caused a serious accident, See below:


Going for the Casual look !
Cube Ltd Comp After Accident

We are almost 12 months on from that accident and yet I still suffer sever pain in my back/hips and knee, I am fighting through it, but its a struggle, mentally and physically.

Manchester 100, Fight To Make The Start Line:

I was booked in for the Manchester 100 in September, however I didn’t think I could ever make the start line, everything hurt, my confidence was shot, my ability seemed shot, my will and desire was shot to shit, I was depressed and angry , I needed to get out of the rut, so I did the only thing I know , I ATTACKED the situation

I created something called “Comeback 3.0” and I set off on my second ride since the accident

After that, I managed to fight and struggle my way to September where I made the call the night before the ride that I was going to ride it, however I had wanted to do the 100 miles, but I was in no fit state, so I did the 100Km, I raised money for charity , whilst also fighting my own mental daemons, there was still a HUGE amount of work to do, but I finished that ride, fighting, with a sprint finish

MTB’ing on the Canal

My new MTB was a write-off, I was back on the road, it took months to get paid out to replace the MTB, however, it happened and just before winter, I spent a few commutes getting mudy as hell on my new MTB

Cube Ltd Team 2011 Blue, White and Silver
Cube Ltd Team 2011

Getting Through the Snow and Ice

The snow came and I knew that I needed to make sure that I didnt have any issues like last year, I loaded up my Cube with studded tyres and commuted on the canal, through snow and ice I was having a ball, most days my water bottle had frozen over by the time I get to work, I was wearing 6 layers of clothes yet I was still COLD, it seems losing 25 stone + of insulation really does make you cold, for when I was 39 stone I could walk about in the snow, in just a t-shirt and shorts.

Not Any More

Peak Forest Canal
Peak Forest Canal – Xmas Eve
Frozen Scarf and Hat
Frozen Scarf and Hat
Snowy Manchester

Weight Loss

Coming towards the back end of 2010 and the start of 2011, I really kicked things up a gear, I learnt so much more about weight loss, about what I was eating and about how to make it all work in harmony, TBH up till that  point it had just been done with brute force beatings, but now I am more informed, its like racing (as I do every, single time I’m on my bike) I used to get infrot and get as big of a gap as I could as soon as I could, now I bide my time, watch the other rider, find his weakness and then exploit it, I found the weakness in the hold obesity had on me…..and I blew the mother-f***er apart 🙂

I am now 13 Stone 12 Pounds, or for my American readers I weigh 194 Pounds, Down from 39 stone 13 pounds or 559 Pounds

At 6 foot 3″ that gives me a BMI down from over 70 to 24.2………for the first time In my entire Adult Life, I have a normal BMI, I have, as an adult ALWAYS been obese (or worse) and yet now at 30 I am “Normal”

From here, it just gets harder though, the road to successful maintenance isn’t an easy one, but Pain doesn’t last forever, however quitting does.

Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER....39 Stone Cyclist
Pain Is Temporary…Quitting Lasts FOREVER…. DON’T QUIT , Taken in Nov 2010

Team Kit

One of my “Goals I didnt think I’d achieve” was to wear team kit, Deano my good friend and colleague wont mind me saying (I hope) that despite  being someone with no body fat takes a XXL in team kit

So how was I , someone with excess skin that used to hold 26 stone of fat inside it, ever going to be able to do the same ?

Well, It wasnt easy, I had to fight and fight and fight to get into a 4XL but In Oct last year I FINALLY managed it.

It Might be 4XL But I Cant Tell You How Proud I Am To Wear It !!!!!
It Might be 4XL But I Cant Tell You How Proud I Am To Wear It !!!!!

That then started my fire up again and I went for it with EVERYTHING I had, I now own Team kit from The Shack, Discovery, Livestrong, HTC, BMC, and the famed Discovery 7 Stars Jersey, In fact, i’ll shut up and let you watch this video for proof.

Weight Gain

At the end of 2010 I got struck down with a SERIOUS case of the Flu, no, not man flu, REAL Flu, I have never felt anything like it in my life, I was off the bike for 3 weeks OVER XMAS, What a nightmare that was, feeling sorry for myself, not able to exercise and with all the Xmas temptations, I thought to myself,”I shouldn’t, but” and that was that.

Flu Riddled

I ended up gaining about 6/7 pounds in that 3 weeks, It wasn’t a good time, BUT I knew and I recognised what I was doing and I always had one eye on recovery, in the end, I got rid of the weight gained in a week and a half of cycling  , we all need time off, we also need to recognise when we do something we shouldn’t but as long as we have succession plans for getting back on that wagon then DON’T Beat yourself up.

It still served as a very powerful reminder to me that, my journey, will NEVER be finished, I will ALWAYS have to keep on eye on myself.


The year started with me beating myself up for the weight gain and getting the job done to get it off.

First ride back was a beating up Joel Lane

First Joel Lane of 2011

and the year was going with a bang from there onwards.

I was setting PB’s (Once the snow and Ice cleared) almost every single ride, pushing harder and further than ever before.

While I still struggle each and every day in pain (and take a fair few pain killers) because of that van “Mowing” me down, I wont quit, I dont know how to and I wont allow one IDIOT who wasn’t paying attention, despite driving on a main arterial road in a huge mental killing machine , ruin what I have achieved and built up.

The Media:

Check out Aprils “Cycling Active” for a 6 page interview with your’s truly

Photo Shoot 2011 – Cycling Active

I also did an Interview with Take-A-Break in an attempt to raise awareness , while the article was nowhere near as good as the one in Cycling Active, fingers crossed that it might inspire just one person. There are TOO many negative  Obesity story’s in the press, I see my role as someone who needs to tell the “Other Side”

Cycling….It’s My Drug !…Weekend Training Ride, Report.

22 03 2011

Been meaning to write this since Saturday, Just not had the time.

I got chance for a rare weekend ride on Saturday, so I took it with both hands.

The sun was shining and my new Jersey had been delivered, I put the saddle bag on the CAAD9 and off I went, in search of “My Drug”

What is “My Drug”  ? To me its that feeling of pushing beyond all limits, the burn and pain in your thighs that feels like a huge cat is digging its claw’s into you, its the release of those limits, you are alone, man and machine, in harmony pushing both bike and rider to the edge.

Within 45 seconds of setting off I knew I was in for a tough day, for there was another rider, dressed in full HTC team kit, it was a case of “Head down and balls out” I didn’t give and inch, at all, with that threat now gone I went searching for the biggest hills I could find, I climbed into Oldham, got lost, climbed some more, got lost again and then ended up on the road I had come from, when I saw a turn off, up to what seemed like a great climb, I asked a couple of walkers if the road took me to the top of the hill, they said yes and off I went.

It turned into a dirt track at the top but I couldn’t stop, I was so in the zone, I just kept going and going.

After that I looked around and found another steep, long climb

You can see the Hill, not the pain etched on my face.

Then as I made for home, there was one hill that has always bothered me, its a good 3 mile climb, I have never know where it went, so I headed up there, passing an auld boy on a MTB and passing the time of the day with him.

At the top I noticed I was only half a Mile From Joel Lane

I grabbed this Piccy and then flew to the “Harder Side”

Without thinking I was giving it everything, I ended up having to stop to let a tractor past and thought I would snap these 2 pictures to give you an idea of the gradient.

It might sound like the ride was stop start, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I did 30 miles, 2489ft of climbing and managed it in 1 hour 59 Mins. I loved it, so much so I even ended with a video after the last climb.

I am hoping to get much much more climbing in before too long, I might not be the best but I am starting to enjoy it (barring the pain from the accident last year) and when I start to enjoy things , I tend to get pretty good at them too 🙂



and who doesn’t want to finish a ride on a descent like this ????


Joel Lane,Hyde



The Rumbling Has Stopped. It Has Arrived !

22 03 2011

I have me a FM028 carbon frame, it has a triangular top tube, internal cabling and BB30.

I have a Sram Rival/Force Groupset To Add onto it.

It arrived yesterday , wont get chance to ride for a few days yet, however the quality “seems” outstanding ! Will post up a full review, but I am 90% sure I will end up getting a TT frame from them next, it really does seem that good.

I know there are loads of people considering one of these “cheap Chinese carbon frames” so once its built and rode i’ll do a full review of it, its cost me less than a CAAD8


The “Defend That Jersey” Game….As Invented (and only played) by Me !

21 03 2011

How do you make sure your a marked man ? How do you make sure your commute is 10x harder ? How do you ensure that when you fly past an old , 90 year old granny, with a pink shopping basket that she attempts to grab your wheel ?


It put’s such a huge target on your back , its scary ……. I love the pressure of it……….

So I have decided to set up a game, called “Defend That Jersey” basically at the top of the page, there are menu bars, click the “Defend That Jersey” and you will see the stats for each journey with each jersey and how many times I am dropped and how many times I have dropped someone else.

The rules are simple. 1 point for wearing the jersey, 2 points for wearing the full kit, For everyone you pass you get 1 point, everyone who drops you that are NOT in team kit you get Minus 2 Points (on the jersey you are wearing) , everyone who drops you who is wearing team kit then your jersey for that day gets a Minus of 1 point.

The object of the game , is to ensure that all your team kit has a positive score by the end of the summer.

All journeys apart from major organised rides are included, this means that even popping out to the shop you have to give over 100% effort.

Think your man enough ? Then join in 🙂

Quick Sunday Post – A Video

20 03 2011

Enjoy, Best one yet, at the end, me giving my thoughts after (during) a really hard training ride.


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