I’m Not Saving Your Life Any More – I’m Looking For a Hero Now

1 03 2011

Now for some before and after pictures

These are NOT the biggest clothes I have ever owned, not by a LONG shot.

EDIT: Before I start, Here is a before picture that has never been seen before.






11 responses

1 03 2011

Guess that England shirt isn’t causing many problems these days Gaz!

Very well done :>D

2 03 2011

There are MANY issues with that England shirt now mate, its TOO BIG ….:-)

Thanks man …!

2 03 2011
Clive Chapman

I was thinking of some before and now clothes shots, you beat me to it as always!

2 03 2011

Unlucky LOL

3 03 2011

I bet if you look hard enough down inside those white shorts, there’s enough room you might find a Madone 6.5!

3 03 2011

LOL- I Wish !

3 03 2011

Obviously there’s a massive difference in size and the clothes emphasise that, but the thing that stands out most to me is the gloomy face before and the smiles and positive zest for life after.

Keep it up and pass it on, you’re a hero to many people now 🙂

4 03 2011

Thanks for your kind words dude

appreciate it 😀

8 03 2011
Big Clyde

Amazing! Well done.

9 03 2011

Thanks Dude 😀

18 11 2013
David Pitt

Gaz, you are a true inspiration. I just need to be inspired out of the door more often now the weather has turned so cold.

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