Ouch – I Need Help – Do You ?

6 03 2011

That has to be the best February when it comes to cycling I have EVER had.


The Stats:

Distance 457.40 mi

Ave Speed 14.5 mph (Chuffed considering some of the climbs)

Cal’s 29,055

Elevation 12,412

Ave Heart Rate 154 bpm

Now, last summer I set myself a target of between 400 and 450 miles per month, some months I was SHOT by the end, yet this month, I have done more than the summer targets, at a faster pace and I feel mighty fine 😀

Last week I cycled almost 150 miles, today, in fairness I am tired, but that’s due to having about 4 hours sleep a night 😦

Was also reminded last week why I only ever want to cycle to work, there was a 7 mile gridlocked traffic jab because of this.

Cycling Active:

So last week , April’s Cycling Active came out, its a great article, much more than I expected, below is one of the best pictures from the shoot, that wasn’t used in the article.

Photo Shoot 2011

So, what are you waiting for? get out there and get it read 🙂


Gaz & British Cycling:

Yesterday I  underwent training with British Cycling to become a ride leader, I am now qualified and insured  to lead out my own group of upto 8 riders (and I can charge you all for it LOL) , I have some big plans for a change of career in the future, for now, I’m enjoying myself too much.

EDIT: Toby mentioned setting up a just giving page to to raise the £10k needed to get my skin removed, maybe I could set up rides, so at least everyone gets something back 🙂


I managed to try these, at first I hated them, almost spat them out, but kept on going and by the end, I enjoyed them, genuinely, I do hope I am turning a corner.


New Bike Time:

So, I have decided to go with QUALITY over quantity.

At this moment in time I now have a CAAD9 (most awesome bike ever)

and my EMERGENCY 1970’s bike.

However, arriving from the far east next week will be a bike that matches my super super awesomeness , Im not saying too much other than its plastic and has SRAM force and BB30, for the rest, you gotta wait :D.



Nail yourself into the ground


Enjoy The Above 🙂






22 responses

6 03 2011

You are a real inspiration for so many.

In my younger years I was a very keen cyclist. Sadley for no explainable reason when I moved to the country my bicycle begain to gather cobwebs. Over the last 7yrs I have doubled in body weight. A couple of months ago I decided enough is enough and treated myself to a lovely new bike which I picked up yesterday and also read the CA article you did.

I am so look forward to starting my own journey – first step need to re- learn to cycle with confidence.

6 03 2011

Great story Joe

I am really glad you have decided to change, your life and body will thank you for it, your story echo’s mine some what

As a kid I would cycle cycle cycle, then one day I stopped, no reason and boom , I became the 39 stone cyclist, this time, I wont take my eye off the ball.

Thanks again for your comment and GOOD LUCK !

6 03 2011

Couldn’t you make money through sponsors? Cycle manufacturers – the first bike you had must have been a really sturdy one. Cycling magazine etc.

What about your employers – do you work in a place that might sponsor fitness etc?

7 03 2011

I did try all that , last year, maybe now I weigh 10 stone less this year and im at a “normal ” weight I could try again .

6 03 2011
Big Clyde

Is that you in the picture above? Impressive, coming from 39 stone.

Your monthly mileage is impressive as well. Inspiring to a guy like me.

7 03 2011

Yup, that sure is me mate.

It wasn’t always like that, a quick mental calculation tells me that when I first started I did approx 80 miles per month…….

6 03 2011
Toby Field

It looks as though you had a very similar month to me (http://fatcyclerider.blogspot.com/2011/03/stats-for-february.html).

Well done Gaz.

Can’t wait to see what bike you’re getting.

7 03 2011

Good job mate, well done.

Neither can I , I’m so excited 😀

EDIT: just got an email to say its been delayed, DOWNER

7 03 2011
Clive Chapman

Bloody brilliant feller! 🙂

7 03 2011

Thanks Dude

7 03 2011

Brilliant job, very inspiring (first thing I do when I get to the office is read your and Clive’s blogs. I’m sat at 243lbs so about to begin my own journey.

One thing I want to ask, you’re trying different flavours in an effort to combat your food hang-ups which is great (and I may have missed something here so please don’t think I’m being rude), why are your new flavours artificial, highly processed snacks?

7 03 2011
8 03 2011

Really nice CA article mate, well done! great stuff (as ever) did my 1st sportive the other day, now thats some progress from me! (partly your fault)

Keep the pedals turning 🙂

8 03 2011

Glad to get the blame for something like that.

Looks a pretty hilly route though, fair play to ya dude

Glad you liked the CA article, shame you can see the damage in my knees from being mowed down, the life of a cyclist eh 😀

9 03 2011

Just found your site as I saw the write up in Cycling +, keep up the good work, just one thing whats your diet of 1250 Cals a day and how do you measure what you have burnt?

I’m an office potato who does commute by bike but I need to step things up a little

9 03 2011

Thanks for your comment

I use a Garmin 705 for when I am cycling and times my actual weight by 0.75 for an accurate reading of calories used.

10 03 2011

Just read the article in cycling active.

Brilliant, well done on all you’ve achieved to date.

11 03 2011

Hi Mike

Thanks very much for the comment, t’is appreciated


12 03 2011
Clive Chapman

Saw the CA article mate. Kudos to you! 🙂

12 03 2011

Cheers dude 🙂

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