A Sunday Morning Quickie

13 03 2011

Saw this last night and was pretty shocked, Picture one was taken in December (the 30th)  , Picture 2, Yesterday.

IMHO There is quite a large change, in a short space of time.

39 stone cyclist in Astana Team Kit

Stay tuned for a proper Sunday update, later on today.

A quick preiew goes a little something like this 🙂




4 responses

13 03 2011

Somebody once likened weightloss pictures as being akin to unwrapping a roll of kitchen paper. At first you don’t notice an individual sheet torn-off but as the roll gets smaller each sheet removed is more noticable.

Any idea what your percentage of body fat is to lean muscle and overall weight?

13 03 2011

Thats a great way to look at it 🙂

My Body fat is now 16%, Weight is 14 stone, as for the other stuff you asked, No idea, sorry.


13 03 2011

This blog is simply stunning. I’ve been skimming through some of the major posts and I am trully inspired. I found it from the Cycle Chat forum as I’m a pretty big gent looking to start loosing weight through cycling.

Thanks for sharing this man. There are bound to be more chaps like me who think that these kind of results are just unachievable for them. I’m now exited to see what the future will hold for me. Thanks again.

14 03 2011

Thanks very much for your kind words.

Truth be told, when I first started, I THOUGHT it was unachievable , take a look at me now.

Good luck with your journey mate, stick around and share it with us to if you like

All the best.


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