I Am SOO Lucky, A Video To Prove My Point

13 03 2011


I thought this would end up being tagged onto the bottom of this post saying, didnt try anything this week, however, its not, its at the top.

While what I did manage isnt the best road, it is still new flavours and I seem to be doing well AND enjoying 99% of things.

First up, Today I had these and enjoyed them.

Last night, I went a little crazy and fancied some nuts, but I wanted to try something that sounded disgusting to my mind, I picked up Japanese wasabi and mustard flavour

and I LOVED them, Sadly, I consumed them after I had my calories for the day, I can see this journey causing weight gain if I am not REALLY Careful.


Mileage wise, last week was pretty crappy TBH, Ended up on 99 Miles, the weather and a stressful week at work left me in survival mode, however, what I lacked in Miles, I more than made up for in PB’s

Devils Hill New PB 49Seconds (Old 54 seconds)

Fastest Commute Home 19 Mins 25 Seconds, Giving me an Average of 17MPH, Its all uphill, see below.

Quickest Normal Commute  New PB 17 mins 16 Seconds

So, I am getting quicker, There were LOADS of other cyclists out last week (once the weather bucked up towards the end of the week) of course, they all got dropped by Gaz’ awesomeness 😀

Anti-Obesity Jersey Idea’s

A while ago I mooted the idea of an Anti Obesity Jersey, I cant do design for toffee, I have however managed to collate some great ideas.

  • On The Back XX Stones (Or Pounds) Lost
  • Starting from: Fat bloke on couch, Fat bloke walking, fat-ish bloke riding, skinnier bloke riding, skinnier… etc. I suppose it could go all around the torso to give space for the progression…http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003YLBDAI
  • Lose weight now, ask me how
  • Pedal turner fat burner
  • Happier & Healthier Every Ride

The one highlighted in red is I think by far and away the best and should be the centre piece of the jersey, I’d love to hear your suggestions and if you can design , then show yourself 🙂

Summer Is ALMOST Here.

First off , I just want to say, how LUCKY I have been to lose 26 stone (350 pounds) and be where I am today, not everyone can do it, I’m no better than anyone else , Just lucky I found cycling  and lucky I was able to cycle with such focus and intensity. I watched Arthur get eliminated from The Biggest Loser last week and TBH I had a tear in my eye, he simply doesn’t look like he “Get’s It” he’s got 2 kids and I REALLY hope he doesnt go back to being over 640pounds again and I hope I am wrong and he DOES get it.

He just reminds me of how I used to be, I used to think there was no hope, I get the feeling he is still in that “Mode”

Ok now thats off my chest, I am gonna KILL IT this summer, lots of rides planned, I need to ensure that every time I ride I to it with 110% effort, Team Kit’s do it for me, so I have treated myself to enough that I can wear one every single day of the week. I was going to post pictures but simply put, there isnt enough space :-), so I have done a video :-), Enjoy.


Forgot this one  DOH




10 responses

13 03 2011

Ok, I admit I’m a numbskull when it comes to videos etc.

1. What camera did you use?
2. How did you get your website details onto the film?
3. Likewise the music ?

teach-in required!


13 03 2011

No camera dude, just something called Windows Movie Maker (for this Movie anyway) There must be shed loads of tutorials out there, Youtube is gonna be a good place to check first TBH

14 03 2011
Robin Crampton

Have been following your blog for awhile now. JUst signed up for updates. Saw you in Cycling , good inspiring article.


14 03 2011


Glad your enjoying it enough to sign up 🙂


14 03 2011

Hi Gaz loving it, keep up the good work, one thing though, why no cycle helmet?


14 03 2011

Thanks Phill

A friend at work pointed out that I was the only person in Cycling Active NOT wearing a helmet……Looks like peer pressure will win this one……

15 03 2011
Clive Chapman

Doh! Helmets are a massive bone of contention for me. It typifies the Nanny State and the Health and Safety Nazis that are ruining the world and killing common sense and freedom.

It should be a personal choice to wear a helmet and everyone else should just accept the descision gracefully. It ain’t their head after all!

Sorry…rant over.

PS, I always wear a lid. But so what, it ain’t no-one else’s business…

16 03 2011

T’is a damn fine point dude and one I have used myself in the last 2 and a half years, sadly it seems that with more and more people cycling, more and more people whine on about you “Must” wear a lid, I have 2, one HTC Columbia one, but I just dont feel right……

22 03 2011

Wait til you first hit the ground bonce first. Especially at the faster speeds you’re doing now. Last time I came off doctors categorical that helmet saved my life. Don’t really understand not wearing one to be honest

22 03 2011

The helmet debate is always a fun one 🙂

I did land on the floor, my head first, see this


I have a depression in the back of my head, TBH I only found it last week, if it was caused by the accident THEN I will reconsider, but if it wasn’t , then I have another 8 lives 🙂

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