The “Defend That Jersey” Game….As Invented (and only played) by Me !

21 03 2011

How do you make sure your a marked man ? How do you make sure your commute is 10x harder ? How do you ensure that when you fly past an old , 90 year old granny, with a pink shopping basket that she attempts to grab your wheel ?


It put’s such a huge target on your back , its scary ……. I love the pressure of it……….

So I have decided to set up a game, called “Defend That Jersey” basically at the top of the page, there are menu bars, click the “Defend That Jersey” and you will see the stats for each journey with each jersey and how many times I am dropped and how many times I have dropped someone else.

The rules are simple. 1 point for wearing the jersey, 2 points for wearing the full kit, For everyone you pass you get 1 point, everyone who drops you that are NOT in team kit you get Minus 2 Points (on the jersey you are wearing) , everyone who drops you who is wearing team kit then your jersey for that day gets a Minus of 1 point.

The object of the game , is to ensure that all your team kit has a positive score by the end of the summer.

All journeys apart from major organised rides are included, this means that even popping out to the shop you have to give over 100% effort.

Think your man enough ? Then join in 🙂




6 responses

21 03 2011
Clive Chapman

Sorry mate, I’ll leave you to this one. You know my views on cycle clothing. Team kit especially. But whatever works for you eh? 😉

22 03 2011

Sure, I know its not for everyone, some of use like to amble along the canal at 3mph, no pressure 🙂

Only kidding, what works for one, doesnt work for all, its all good 🙂

22 03 2011
Clive Chapman

Ahh, you see mate, I’ve always been built for comfort not speed! 🙂

22 03 2011


23 03 2011
David Pitt

The male ego is a wonderful thing, we all play this game every time we go out. After spending fifteen minutes chasing that old fella up hill and down Dale, to find that he is riding an electric bike is really deflating and bloody exhausting.

23 03 2011

It sure is, I wouldn’t give mine up for the world 😀

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