Cycling….It’s My Drug !…Weekend Training Ride, Report.

22 03 2011

Been meaning to write this since Saturday, Just not had the time.

I got chance for a rare weekend ride on Saturday, so I took it with both hands.

The sun was shining and my new Jersey had been delivered, I put the saddle bag on the CAAD9 and off I went, in search of “My Drug”

What is “My Drug”  ? To me its that feeling of pushing beyond all limits, the burn and pain in your thighs that feels like a huge cat is digging its claw’s into you, its the release of those limits, you are alone, man and machine, in harmony pushing both bike and rider to the edge.

Within 45 seconds of setting off I knew I was in for a tough day, for there was another rider, dressed in full HTC team kit, it was a case of “Head down and balls out” I didn’t give and inch, at all, with that threat now gone I went searching for the biggest hills I could find, I climbed into Oldham, got lost, climbed some more, got lost again and then ended up on the road I had come from, when I saw a turn off, up to what seemed like a great climb, I asked a couple of walkers if the road took me to the top of the hill, they said yes and off I went.

It turned into a dirt track at the top but I couldn’t stop, I was so in the zone, I just kept going and going.

After that I looked around and found another steep, long climb

You can see the Hill, not the pain etched on my face.

Then as I made for home, there was one hill that has always bothered me, its a good 3 mile climb, I have never know where it went, so I headed up there, passing an auld boy on a MTB and passing the time of the day with him.

At the top I noticed I was only half a Mile From Joel Lane

I grabbed this Piccy and then flew to the “Harder Side”

Without thinking I was giving it everything, I ended up having to stop to let a tractor past and thought I would snap these 2 pictures to give you an idea of the gradient.

It might sound like the ride was stop start, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I did 30 miles, 2489ft of climbing and managed it in 1 hour 59 Mins. I loved it, so much so I even ended with a video after the last climb.

I am hoping to get much much more climbing in before too long, I might not be the best but I am starting to enjoy it (barring the pain from the accident last year) and when I start to enjoy things , I tend to get pretty good at them too 🙂



and who doesn’t want to finish a ride on a descent like this ????


Joel Lane,Hyde






8 responses

22 03 2011
pj mcnally

This is awesome!

Did you see the blog post on, by the guy who’d found that he could replicate his most ecstatic drugged-up state from the 1990’s by getting on a bike and listening to a Surgeon mix?

(His was a static exercise bike, mind, but there’s no accounting for taste. And I realize some people aren’t happy riding a bike with headphones in).

Endorphins are a wonderful thing.

23 03 2011

Nop not seen that, but it sounds just like how I feel.

I have never in 30 years, found a high anything like cycling, nothing has ever come remotely close TBH

After those 30 miles, despite having climbed more on a single afternoon than any other day in the saddle, if I was not needed back home, I would have done another 30 miles and and 2500ft of climbing, I’d love to have a job whereby I cycle all day, but I guess i’m not alone. Shame Lance wont sign me up for “The Shack” 🙂

23 03 2011
Clive Chapman

Liking the vid mate! 🙂

23 03 2011

Good 🙂

23 03 2011


I love climbing. Even though I am a Hill Slug. I am to climbing what a brick is to aerodynamics.

But I love the suffering. I love the challenge.

Well done.

23 03 2011

I didn’t say I was any good at it myself :0)

I’m a million times better than this time last year and as long as I keep improving , day by day, then I’m happy enough.

The challenge and the suffering are indeed the best parts

24 03 2011

By the way, I want more after-ride videos on this blog!!!!

And before-rides, and during-rides!

24 03 2011

Not sure about during 🙂

Hows the Project one ? (DAMN YOU)

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