Weight Loss – Targets – Goals – Achievements

29 03 2011



This post is inspired by BenBlyth……

last year he left a comment asking or suggesting I make a post on weight loss, goals, targets , revisions etc.

I feel I am now in a place to do that.

So, at 39 stone 13 Pounds I sat down with my surgeon and we talked numbers, we talked 8XL Tops, 68″ waist, then we talked about what would be realistic if I had the surgery.

The Pic That Started It All, Gaz @ 34 Stone

He said 22 stone, 3XL, 46″ waist – ISH

I didn’t have that operation, those numbers came, without a Gastric Bypass, without pills but with good old fashion hard work.


Once I was at 22 Stone, I thought, I don’t feel the need to stop, I am not going to change what I am doing, and set myself the new target of 20 stone, less than 2 months later, I was there, at 20 stone, so I did the same and set myself 18 stone, then 16 stone, it took longer to get to each of my new goals but I achieved them all.

Then one day I said right 14 stone and I am done on my journey of weight loss and onto maintenance, I didn’t change anything apart from rode a few extra miles a day and a little faster, something I had been doing since I started anyway because I love it so much.

I stand here today at 14 stone, Size 34 waist, M/Large tops , my weight goes from 13 stone 12 pounds  to 14 stone 2 pounds , but I am happy where I am, if my body wants to lose more then fine, but I am happy with the amount I ride and eat for it not to be a bind and I feel that is the best way to do it, don’t starve or restrict yourself , you will get bored and then binge then pile it back on.

Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER....39 Stone Cyclist

Pain Is Temporary...Quitting Lasts FOREVER.... DON'T QUIT , Taken in Dec 2010

Just think of what I could achieve if only I could get that operation to remove my skin !!!!

Photo Shoot 2011 - Cycling Active





4 responses

29 03 2011

Nice recap. You continue to inspire.

Alas, I have fallen back on my quest. Weather, family and work have combined to keep me off the bike for over 2 weeks. In that time my eating habits have… well, let’s say not been what they should have been.

So thank you, Gaz, for being here. Knowing you are out there, that I can come to this blog and be inspired, to find my way back to the path – you are a lighthouse, standing watch, showing me the way through the storm.

29 03 2011

From one American – To – Another (Ok I am a Fake American but hey) You are more than welcome

Its comments like yours that inspire me to keep it going full throttle

I know what would happen to me being off the bike for 2 weeks, so I feel your pain.

and to give you a little more hope……I wore my USA Champ/Hincapie Jersey today, Smashed my PB by 0.6 Mph Average 🙂

2 04 2011
BenBlyth (Bensbigttrip)

I feel proud to get a mention! Great write up Gaz. You are an inspirational guy and should be very proud of what you have achieved. Keep the write ups coming. They are a great read.

3 04 2011

Glad you enoyed the read and the shoutout 😀

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