Cycling – Suffering like hell….But It’s What I Live For….March Review

2 04 2011

& With that, in a flash, March is over, So , how I did I get on, well, AMAZINGLY , for mileage , it was the biggest month EVER.

I took the short route a few times and the weather was shocking a few times, but for about 3 weeks, it was amazing and I nailed it.

While I was getting my “Chi-Done” serviced I even cracked out a 900watt sprint in the shop on a Turbo Trainer

On a Turbo - Waiting For My Bike

It was a hard month, Im still pretty sore these days but I ride through it, because I enjoy riding so much.

Im also enjoying a nice low resting heart rate thats hitting the same figure consistently now too, 44BPM

….anyway, there isnt much to add now, but the stats TBH

So , The stats:

Distance: 511.55 mi
Elevation Gain: 25,949 ft
Max Speed: 37.1 mph
Avg Speed: 14.8 mph
Calories: 37,163 C (using a custom Garmin formula of 0.75 x actual weight)



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2 04 2011

Very cool. This post reminds of something I meant to share with you…

My cycling club was visited by a pro racer (from Garmin-Cervelo), who shared amazing tales of the peloton.

He also talked a lot about training, etc., and said one of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is not resting enough. He says they often push too hard without allowing their bodies to recover – which is the key to getting faster, stronger and more fit. If you don’t recover, your body’s muscles and cardio system won’t rebuild itself as well as it should.

He recommended some version of this weekly schedule:

Day 1 – Spin ride. Ride at least 40k at a spinning pace. Try to maintain the same pace for the entire ride, but don’t let your heart rate ever get too high.

Day 2 – A full throttle attack ride. As hard as you can go, as far as you can go, with tiny rests in between “attacks.” A sufferfest.

Day 3 – Climb, climb, climb. Be it 10k or 40k, the ride should be all about climbing.

Day 4 – OFF the bike completely. He says not riding at least one or two days a week is critical to getting better.

Day 5 – Spin ride like day 1.

Day 6 – Another full throttle sufferfest.

Day 7 – Rider’s choice – either off the bike or an easy climbing day.

This may be what you’re already doing, but I thought I’d share.

I should have a new blog post up in another week, about my new arrival. 🙂

3 04 2011

How cool is that, I’d love to ride with the pro’s

Am gonna post up my training, needless to say, its pretty close to that, not bad for total guess work

Looking forward to it……..But I too, have something else on the way 😀

2 04 2011

Outstanding! The new resting bpm says it all.

3 04 2011

Thanks Man

3 04 2011

Brilliant effort on your part, but sadly stats I only dream of. Cheers.

3 04 2011

Thanks Man

I could only dream of them at this time last year, keep plugging away man

5 04 2011
Neil Illing


Superb mileage for Mar and the resting heart rate just proves it! Well done mate!

6 04 2011

Thanks mate

Appreciate your supportive comments


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