My Commuter Cycling – Training Routine

3 04 2011

Post inspired by Garmin-Cervelo and Fizzhog…..

I have been asked by colleges/friends and readers on here how I have gone from almost 40 stone to someone who can cycle at an average of pretty much 17-19Mph every ride now, the answer is guess work, guess work that actually seems pretty close to where I need to be looking at what Fizz posted re the rider from Garmin.

Sunday – Day One = 99% of the year this is the day I spend TOTALLY off the bike, resting.

Monday – Day Two =  Monday Morning’s ride is the one I TRY to do at Threshold level, the only issue tends to be Monday Traffic.

Tuesday – Day Three = Climbs Climbs Climbs, Joel Lane and Mottram Moor are the order of the Morning with “Big Hill Of Death” the order of the evening.

Wednesday – Day Four = This day is for the longest and hardest ride of the week , This is where PB’s are set for both speed and distance

Thursday – Day Five = I normally throttle back on the speed and distance here, but will usually throw a climb or 2 in

Friday – Day Six = This is where I ad lib, I normally mix it up with speed, distance and climbs, but I have been know to climb like crazy here

Saturday – Day Seven = Traditionally a day of rest, however in recent times its been a training ride day, this is all about getting as much distance in as I can within 2 hours  , normally 30-40 miles plus.

Today is Sunday, Sunday is the day to sit around, in my Discovery Pro Cycling Team T-Shirt (and have my bike behind me)




8 responses

3 04 2011

You should try out for Team Sky.


3 04 2011

Wiggo wouldnt be able to cope with me 😀

3 04 2011
Peter Martin

Thanks mate 😉

4 04 2011

Hope it helps

5 04 2011
Peter Martin

hey lad, hope your keeping well just wonderin what helmet camera would ya recommend? Think I might fancy exploring the world of video bloggin etc…

5 04 2011

Good question

I dont have one at the moment

Am looking at the Drift X170, Approx £130

or the HD170, Approx £300

They seem head and shoulders above the rest

I have a new bike project on the Horizon so will probs go for the X170, check YouTube for videos, but the quality of both, for the price, is outstanding.

19 09 2012

Hi buddy,
May I say wow! And well done on your achievement. I am currently weighing in at 175kg I have 2 bikes one I got a year ago from America a 3 speed cruiser and I have had a mountain bike made in this country which I got around 6 weeks ago. I at my max was 208kg in may 2011 and it’s been slowwwwly coming down but your appearance on the cycle show has re-focused me to try harder.

19 09 2012

Great story, glad I have inspired you :0)

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