I Miss It….So Much ….!…BUT, I Wouldn’t Change Things Now

8 04 2011

Now, I sit here,at goal weight, thinking , I miss it………

What am I missing ? The weight ? NO, what I am missing is the thrill of the weight loss “Chase” I still weigh myself every day, I know at 6 foot 3″ and 13 stone 12 Pounds, I CANT lose any more, but I still hope for a loss and I prey for no gains. Chasing a “No Weight Gained” isn’t half as fun and motivating as chasing a “2/3/4 Pound loss”

I have to come to terms with the fact I am no longer chasing that weight loss, for 2 years, every single week I would lose between 2 and 8 pounds on the scales, now I might do half a pound, or nothing, but I just have to get that to become the “norm” , I never thought I would be able to get used to the “norm” being such big weight loss, I dont feel I can get used to the new norm, but if I can keep going, It will eventually become my new norm.

I’m A Pro:

A while ago I mentioned that I was now a “pro” cyclist, well, I now have my certificate, just waiting to get the Government to confirm that I am not a criminal , then I can get paid for riding my bike……AMAZING !!!!!!

Climb Baby Climb:

This morning I rode my longest commute of the year, well over 20 miles, 1500ft of climbing , all before work.

but what stood out most, I was lost, climbing a hill that looked like it was never gonna end, I got dropped by another roadie, at the time I didn’t counter attack, I was lost, checking Garmin to ensure I was headed in the right direction, the hill was a 12%’er, I was in the Small ring (SORRY) anyway, Garmin confirmed I was on the right road, I put the chain to the Big Ring (MUCH BETTER) and I stood up and I gave it HELL, the roadie was on the horizon by this point, he was quick, but I suspect he had gone a little too hard to ensure I didn’t counter him, about 5 mins later I had caught up (the hill was about 2 miles long, at 12%) the road was a little busy, I sat down and was ready to drop him, I stood up……..went for it…..Then…..Argh I did an Andy Schleck (My Chain Came off) his face however was well worth it, he was sooooo shocked to see me again, he looked exhausted and deflated to see me again, I have never seen such despair on another riders face (its normally me that looks like that) , sadly he went the other way and I had to stop to put my chain back on.

The new route I had taken took me to work via some AMAZING country lanes, something I didn’t even know we had in Manchester, it was like cycling round the village where I come from, i’ll be taking that way to work more now the weather is on the up.

Trying to look focused at the top of the last climb.

If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.





5 responses

9 04 2011

Surely now you are at your goal weight, it’s all about improving your performance 🙂
Easy to say, less easy to do 😀

Set yourself new speed or distance goals – working up to that etape up Mont Ventoux 🙂
I’ll be behind you all the way – a long, long way behind 😀

10 04 2011

Every single ride for me is all about improving my performance 🙂

Good luck on your Journey, i’ll be watching as you go.

10 04 2011

Thanks for the tips, I know its all about fittess but for now, i’m still “missing” losing those numbers.

13 04 2011

Hi Gaz,

Have been reading your blog for a few months now and it has really inspired me. I was stuck in a rut and putting on weight and being a lazy git. I literally felt like a slug with no backbone.
I decided to do something about it and got out on my bike and it makes me feel really good.
There was a radio phone in today on Radio Solent about the contentious gastric band issue and I mentioned your website. It was about 8.40am if you are interested.
I sound like a total pleb but anyhow!!


13 04 2011

Thanks very much for the plug

What was the response like ? Can I hear it online ?

if I have helped you get off your butt then Im proud mate.


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