Urgh – I feel like I am having a “Cavendish” Style start to the year !

16 04 2011

Strange week this one, its kind of like the straw that broke the camels back.

On the face of it the year is going amazingly well, I am cycling furher each week/month than I have ever done before, 90% of my rides are now done at an average speed of over 16.5Mph , Heck, this week I managed to average 25.5Mph over a mile , though it was a wee bit down hill, so I wont claim it. I am at my lightest  weight since I was about 10 years old, I am fitter, stronger and happier than ever.

So what’s the problem ?

Mr Under Pants Call Out: 

Well, last week, I was called out by some Underpants for jumping 2 red lights, this behaviour is unacceptable and one I ask NO ONE to follow my lead on doing, I am NOT in the habit of doing it, it was a stupid thing to do, there were reasons (Not excuses) behind it, but at the end of the day, after 87.000 hits here, I need to realise that people out there on the roads MIGHT just recognise me & if I am not doing anything wrong then its not an issue, but sod’s law states that when I did do something out of charter , I was see. Now I could have made the comments by Mr Underpants Vanish, but I didn’t, I think that shows that I know it was a mistake and that I will learn from it, if I did it all the time, then surly I could have just deleted the comment ?

Unclip Baby:

I left work early Thursday, feeling rough as a bears behind, It was warm but I was in a coat, long sleeve jersey and lycra pants. I was motoring along at a  good 20 Mph when a pedestrian stepped out , now I would have been in my rights to have swerved round her and it was safe to do, but thinking about what Mr Under Pants had said the day before, I didn’t, I braked, REALLY hard …I kept it together, and stopped in time, the pedestrian didn’t  acknowledge I was even there, it was at this point I knew something was wrong…………..I had forgotten to unclip my SPD’s , ARGHHHHHH I toppled over to my left, where about 30 people were stood away from me but all looking in my direction.

I jumped up, trying to laugh it off, I had my MP3 player on but still heard a chorus of laughter , I went round the corner and consoled myself , before heading home, still managed to average 16mph, even with a bloody knee 🙂

Rear Ender:

Then, who can forget the maiden commuting voyage of  my Chi-Done, I’d made it to within half a mile of work when the traffic conspired against me and I ended up, glancing the back of a car and ending up on the deck again.

and to compound things further I failed to hit one of my weekly goals a few weeks back for the first time since last summer (the goal was 120 miles commuted in 5 days)

So, its been a hard year, like I say, I am super quick, super fit, slimmer than ever and enjoying cycling more than I have ever done in the past.

What it has shown me is,I have been bloody  lucky in the past 2 years, I  have also been lucky in the past few weeks with the accidents, I will learn from this, like I learn from all the other mistakes I have ever made in my life, its not killed me, so mentally it WILL make me MUCH stronger.

Friday Morning, I was SOOOO ready for it:

18 Miles, 1000 ft of climbing, averaging over 17 Mph, no crashes, no red lights jumped 🙂

Oh yeah, I have also moved offices, I poped out to get a drink of milk, seems we moved to where Shameless used to be filmed (and based upon)

Till next time, Stay SAFE, Ride HARD


If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.





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17 04 2011
Clive Chapman

Fair do’s feller, there by Grace of God go us all. I trust you’ve seen my recent videos?

22 04 2011

Cheers Clive, having fun yourself eh 🙂

20 04 2011

Thanks very much


22 04 2011

Hey Gaz,

Have you done the Livestrong ride that Lance puts on?

22 04 2011

Hey Scott

Sadly , no, as I am not in America, would LOVE to though


22 04 2011

Hey Gaz,

If and when you come to America for the Livestrong ride. I highly recommend doing the one in Texas that takes place in October. Lance always attends this one because it is in his home state and it is after the Tour de France. I did the ride in San Jose, California and man I can tell you that it kicks your butt. You really gotta like climbing hills to do the Livestrong ride.

Oh and where did you buy your Chi-done frame?


22 04 2011

I’d love to visit Texas and Oct is my Birthday, seems PERFECT, only I cant afford to for a good few years yet 😦

But that would give me a few years of hills to enable me to have a chance at chasing Lance down 🙂

I got it from Hong-Fu, I am actually abuout to put it up for sale, but only because I have another coming, its a bloody GREAT bike, well worth it


26 12 2011
2011 In Review – It’s Been A Kind, but Not Perfect Year. « The Cyclist who FORMERLY Weighed 39 Stone (559 Pounds)

[…] despire all the above, I noticed a post where I said I felt like I was having a Cavendsish-style start to the year, where I had a couple of scrapes, got caught jumping a red light at a left hand turn […]

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