Liv-in Strong & Riding For Lance.

22 04 2011


Thank You to Elden for publishing my “About Me” Story over on Fat Cyclist, If you haven’t seen it, then pop over there and don’t forget to thank Fatty for getting my story out there, I had over 3700 new visitors , his readership must be HUGE !!!

Edit: I also noticed a comment on there from a former Biggest Loser contestant, a comment about ME , It was the USA version of Biggest Loser that kick started this process and in turn saved my life and now contestants from it  are talking about me, I cant begin to tell you how humbled it made me feel.

This Week’s Jaunts:

Oh boy, last week I was a little low, due to the RLJ’ing and accidents, This week, I was out to prove a point

I proved that point, Today I was going to write

” I have not suffered so much on a bike since my first rides” but that would be WRONG I tell you.

For this week , I have “Never ever suffered so much on a bike EVER”

I hurt myself REAL bad, but this wasn’t a bad kind of hurt, this was the most awesome suffering on a bike ever , I have done 123 Miles and 8000ft of climbing, today is a Public Holiday in the UK (For my readers that don’t know) so I wanted to get as many miles in before today I could, I also wanted HARD miles:

The above image shows just one leg of my commutes this week, a 9 mile, 850 foot climb to start, followed by a couple of 15% hills, oh the joys 🙂

Wednesday was an amazing day, I arrived at the 14 Mile point, behind a guy in full Cofidis kit, I of course was looking like this

Pride.Passion. Desire  :

So , In front me is someone in Cofidis kit, the team that DROPPED Lance Armstrong when he was ill with cancer, behind him is me, in Full Shack kit, the team of Lance Armstrong, There was only ever going to be one victor in this tale, however, I had to work for this one, work like NEVER before, we were powering along at 25-30 Mph, I had 85 miles in some tired legs , it was BAKING hot, I had just done around 900ft of climbing, but I wouldn’t  quit, for this one was for the PRIDE of Lance !!!!

2 Miles later still at a blistering pace, the road raised slightly, I took my chance and pulled off his wheel and kicked from 25 to 35 Mph, he responded and I thought he would hold me, but 30 seconds after it started , it was over, he sat down, I didnt , I wasnt going to give an inch until my eyes bled, my heart exploded and my bike submitted, for this was my chance to give something back to Lance after his disgraceful treatmnt by Cofidis, neither Lance nor Cofidis will ever know about what I did, but that didn’t matter to me, I’d done it for Lance and I was proud of every , single, second !!!! I have given something back to someone who has given me sooo much over the past 2 years.

This was my average speed over the last mile of our Duel

Yes, that’s right, we AVERAGED 29.3 MPH , it was the proudest moment I have ever had on a bike !

So for now, I am going to rest, but later, I might go out, hunting for Mr Cofidis again, it’s fair to say, I have my “mo-jo” back.

LIVESTRONG & Ride For Lance


If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.



5 responses

23 04 2011

Okay, no more photos from the bog!

23 04 2011

Show some love for the toilet 😀

23 04 2011

I dream of moments like that but in 2 -3 years of cycling its only happened once as I rarely come across any other roadies. The exhilaration is tremendous!

23 04 2011

Yeah its pretty rare, even more so to find someone of the same ability and determination

That said I was out yesterday on my HTC 2011 kit and there was a guy on the otherside of the road in the HTC 2010 kit.

So as cycling gets more popular, there are (Hopfully) gonna be more chanches like these fr us

I just hope I dont bump into you LOL

30 04 2011

Nice going, Gary!

Huge thumbs-up from Sweden.


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