We Have A WINNER , Training Ride Stats & I’ve Got A Goal In Sight

23 04 2011

Here is me, yesterday just before heading out on a training ride:

Anyway, never mind that, I entered a competition to win a Neil Pryde , Diablo Carbon Bike, Check out my video below showing off me and my “prize”

That was taken at the highest point on a training ride yesterday, here are the stats:

So that’s now 150 miles in 5 days, Im pretty pooped, the second half of the ride was much slower as my legs literally died, there was a headwind from hell and it was a little uphill, actually scratch that, the elevation isnt something I can claim beats me anymore, it was fatigue and wind (Not mine)

Today I am treating myself and I’m off hunting a Goal, What could it be ? I am more excited about this than many of the others and its NOT bike related, you can be sure if I get it (and I FULLY intend to) there will be pictures here pretty soon !

Me at the end of the ride, see the pain in my face ? No ? Thats why I wear sunglasses




4 responses

23 04 2011

Great video. Your prize gave me a good laugh.

Your videos are fantastic. Sometime tell us all about the video camera you use.

I want to get one and need a recommendation.


23 04 2011

I only use an Iphone 4 for all my videos and photos TBH


23 04 2011

Really? So how do you get those videos of your riding? Where do you strap the iPhone?

23 04 2011

Ah, No , I thought you were talking about the videos I do when I talk to the camera.

for cycling footage I have used a Go-Pro and Muvi

Check out Gbone155 and 39stonecyclist on youtube for my works (of art)

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