Goal Achieved – Feel The Fear, Do It ANYWAY.

24 04 2011

Sheesh, its been a rollercoaster of a week 🙂

Last year I REALLY wanted to get the goal “Ride a rollercoaster” I didn’t !

yesterday however, I visited Alton Towers, a place FULL of rollercoasters and Thrill rides, I think its fair to say a good day was had by all, when I decided to lose 26 stone (or 350 Pounds) one thing I said to myself was “Feel the fear, Do it anyway”, Yesterday, I followed my own advice.

It was 9.45 Am, I was ready to go in, I stopped for a snap:

Scared ? Me ?

Feeling The Fear, Doing It Anyway, Old McDonald's Tractor Ride !

On the ride, my fear got even worse:


At 40 Stone (Or 550 Pounds) There would have been NO WAY I Would have ridden this !

Pretty much as the caption says, At 40 Stone (Or 550 Pounds) There would have been NO WAY I Would have ridden this , while im sure if there was no-one else in the cars I would have been fine, it would have been too humiliating to have to ride on my own !

As it was, it was fine:

Next up was the ADRENALINE filled , Riverbank Eye Spy in Old MacDonald’s Farmyard

Riverbank Eye Spy in Old MacDonald's Farmyard @ Alton Towers

Now, again, I wouldn’t have been able to ride this when I was 40 stone, The boat would have hit the bottom as its very shallow.

STILL Feeling The Fear, STILL Doing It Anyway - Riverbank Eye Spy in Old MacDonald's Farmyard

Right ENOUGH, Rollercoaster time, I used to  love Intamin built rides, so I headed for the BEST one:

Intamin Built Goodness, Right - Ready to Feel that fear ????

Yeah, I was ready, I looked for the que line…..Wait a second, I’m not sure if that is safe to ride ? I’ll move on to the next one “Just In Case”

On the way , I noticed a climbing net, I have, somewhere, a picture from 1998, at the top of one of these in Spain, so as soon as I saw it I got excited and got to the top ASAP

I looked for the pic from 1998 today, couldn't find it 😦

Argh, I have a tropical illness on my foot, or is it UV lights ?

Charlie, You and your chocolate factory don't scare me

Another water ride, The boat DIDNT sink with me in it, BONUS !

Another WET ride:

Alton Towers Log Flume 2011 - Is That Fear In My Eyes ?

At 40 stone I wouldn’t have needed to worry about sinking as

1: I wouldn’t have been able to FIT into the boat


2: It would NEVER have got up the lift hill

And Finally, time to whip those horses into shape 🙂

Sadly, that’s all the pictures I have, however I did ride MANY other rides , don’t worry, I felt the REAL fear and I did it anyway 🙂

Goal Achieved:

18. Ride a roller coaster again23rd April 2011, Alton Towers, Many More To Come !

Feel the FEAR, Do It Anyway, LiveSTRONG.


If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.





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