Easter Sunday Training Ride & & A Video During Ride.

25 04 2011

Sunday I headed out for a “Couple of Easy Miles”

I ended up on the Top of Chunal:

Now THATS a View !

Its a nice 1000ft – ish (from my house) climb to the top, very enjoyable actually, approx 4 miles from the bottom of Glossop to the top of here, lots of motorbikes and “Chavs” in Crosa’s with rather large “Zorst’s” though.

With time constraints on me, I had to turn around and head home.

The great thing about this was there was a rider approx 45 seconds in front of me, I stuck it in the biggest gear and “Gave it Balls” hitting 45 Mph at one point, I averaged 30 mph on the way down.

Passing the other rider on one of the bends, it was AMAZING, if a little dangerous

Chunal and Back

The ride was just under 16 miles, and just under 1600ft, I managed to average 15,1 Mph,hitting 45Mph on the way down.

I set myself a goal of 400 miles in March, I am now on 410 Miles , I also set a goal of 100 miles this week, I did 168 Miles…………Think I need to re-evalute my challenges.

Finally, here is a video from the top of Chunal and the 3rd climb


If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.





4 responses

25 04 2011

You are a lucky man to have that hill “on your doorstep”.

25 04 2011

Agreed, Tho I’ve not always felt that way TBH 🙂

26 04 2011

Have you considered doing an etape or marmotte? you are probably fit enough.

27 04 2011

For sure I have considered it & added it to my goal list too.

First up is a TT though :0)

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