100K – THANK YOU !

7 05 2011

I am currently laid up with a nasty and worrying illness, lets hope the following couple of weeks provides an answer that isn’t as scary as it could be, LiveSTRONG !

So here we are, 17 months after I started this blog, we have hit 100.000 visitors, what an amazing achievement, thank you for spreading the word, without readers posting my link here , there and everywhere It wouldn’t of got to that number so quick, so thank you, you have been an integral part of it.

In celebration I found a random picture and Errrm, Borrowed it:

Some other numbers i’ll share is the rate at witch readership has grown:

It’s been an amazing 17 months, here is to getting much stronger:


A quick update on my  SED.

I Spoke to my Doc yesterday about this (amongst others)

He’s someone who himself is pretty overweight (maybe even obese) and has ALWAYS taken a keen interest in my weight loss, when I told him I had SED he couldn’t believe it

( as an aside, oh how times change, years gone by the medical profession wasn’t aware of SED, Yesterdays conversation was all about what I couldn’t eat, since when, why etc etc)

HE said “if you had of told me you could lose 26 stone on Crisp I’d say it wasn’t possible, but you have done”

So there you go, there is a 12 Month waiting list for an initial consultation, so I will still try to beat this myself but, now, I have the support and expertise that I need, headed my way and it actually feels good to have asked, as opposed to how I used to feel, dirty etc.

I’ll leave you with a visual representation of how many of you have been here, it humbled me !





9 responses

8 05 2011
Stuart Garrison

Go Gary, get well soon mate and hope it’s nothing to bad, blimey, you have knocked 26 odd stone on the head, this will be a walk (or cycle if you like!) in the park!!

Cheers mate,


10 05 2011

Thanks Man, comments like these always pick me up, Gaz

8 05 2011

Well done and congrtulations on hitting a new milestone! Thanks for an entertaining and inspirational blog and I hope you get well soon.

10 05 2011

Thanks Steve, I appreciate that, always good to hear someone enjoying your work.


9 05 2011
Clive Chapman

It’s times like this that decides the result of the battle. Hang tough feller!

10 05 2011

Cheers Clive, I’ve “Gone to war” looks like I’ve already won too , fingers crossed.

9 05 2011

Chin up mate. Get well soon

10 05 2011

Thanks Man

12 05 2011

Hope you get well soon. You’re an inspiration. I have no doubt you can beat your SED, even if it’s a difficult road ahead. Take care friend.

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