RIP Wouter Weylandt

10 05 2011

Its times like these THAT really highlight your own Mortality, Days like this put this great sport we love into perspective:

I'm shocked and saddened. May he rest in peace

I can’t really say I know/knew much about Wouter, I have only been into Pro Tours for 2 years, Heck this was the first time I have watched the Giro d’Italia, but to see another human laying there like he was, it seems from reports he peddle got stuck in a wall and he fell 60 meters, coming down the other side of the main climb at approx 50Mph, the TV pictures would seem to back that claim up.

I also understand to add to tragedy his girlfriend is pregnant.

yesterday we all lost one of our own, RIP Wouter !

RIP Wouter Weylandt




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10 05 2011
Toby Field

A very sad day indeed for cycling.

My thoughts are with his family and friends at this truly devastating time.

10 05 2011

Agreed, I feel pretty sad about the whole situaton today, much more so than yesterday, Thanks Tody

11 05 2011

Let’s raise a pint to Wouter.

He’s leading out the ultimate sprint now and loving every minute of it.

Cheers, mate

11 05 2011

What an awesome thought man.

I cant believe how deeply his death has gotten to me, but it has.

Wouter, save a space in that lead-out for me wont ya !


13 05 2011

His death has gotten to you same as me – because you and I are connected to him.

Yes, he was a pro and the two of us will never be close to that, but all three of us were connected by our passion for the same thing – cycling.

The cycling community is global, but it is a small family. Pro or amateur, flashy road bike or junky mtn, 150lbs Rouleur or 39 Stone Survivor, we all have the same blood running through us.

You and I (and all other cyclists) lost a brother this week.

14 05 2011

That was spot on and beautifully put man, thanks dude.

The Spirit of Wouter was with me on my first day back on the bike, 19.1 Mph average…….

14 05 2011

Having met Wouter and been ragged by him many a time , i like the “pros” feel we have lost a “great human being” !
Always it is the Great & Good that are lost early, one wonders how much more they could have done with their life if they were not called home early to R.I.P. !

14 05 2011

NOTE new gravator

14 05 2011

Very Nice, Note the new Links page , you have one :), Im doing it slowly , one link a week 😀

15 05 2011

I have never met him, or any other pro for that matter, but it still feels like I have lost a friend, colleague, compatriot……….

Let’s hope his Girlfriend has a son and that he follows in his Dad’s wheel tracks


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