I’m Bacccccccck !!! :-)

14 05 2011

As of Wednesday Morning , I was BACK !

What the medical profession suspected to be something pretty darn serious, actually “Seems” to have turned out to be fixable with a few drugs, Fingers crossed the results of the test confirm this.


I never did an “April in Review” so keeping in mind I missed a week due to holidays and illness, how did I get on ?

Distance  477.21 mi
Elevation Gain 24,219 ft

Calories: 33,412 C

Max Speed 44.5 mph

Avg Speed:15.1 mph
Avg HR:145 bpm

Am I happy with that ? You bet yer-ass Im happy with those stats in 3 weeks worth of commuting.

My One Project, Custom Trek Madone:

This week I managed to get it finished (Or so I thought) , adding yellow tyres, bartape and a brand new SRAM Force chainset to replace the faulty one, I have not rode this since the fist week I built it, The other thing left to do now, is order longer reach drops and a better front Mech & get the steer tube cut.

Again, Im HAPPY with that result too 🙂

The Last 3 Days:

Since being back, I managed to cycle 55 miles, average 19.1 Mph on one commute and ever pick up a new set of Mavic SPD shoes

Friday night was horrendous, VERY nearly being hit 3 times on the way home, once by a bus, my nerves were shattered by the end of the commute , but Im ready to go again, its rare I get days like that/feel like that, Just need to put it behind me now.

I did put a “few” pounds on when I was off, but I have managed to get 80% of them back off this week, the rest should fall into line next week.

On the bike front, there is something VERY VERY Special headed my way……..
Finally I wanted to end by saying, RIP Wouter, I have a tribute headed your way.

If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.





2 responses

14 05 2011

Perhaps some of te material i have used on http://www.tourdafrance.blogspot.com will assist your blog post on Wouter ! Feel free to use if appropriate .
Shared a few jokes with him as he sat in the team car at the Team Presentation on the Friday night . Always was friendly towards me and other public .
As posted elsewhere , started the Boco descent and decided the road surface and road width was too dangerous so returned to the top and thus back to the car earlier han planned .

15 05 2011

Thanks, I did take a look but the page gives an error ?

HE sounded like one of the good guys for sure.


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