A Very Sad Goodbye !

21 05 2011

***A note from Gaz: The final paragraph asks for YOUR input on how this blog is run, if you don’t read anything else, please read that and let me have your thoughts, thanks, Gaz***

The Long Goodbye:

Well, 2 Very sad goodbyes actually.Nooooo, not me, you can’t get rid of me so easy.

First was Wouters, never before have I welled up watching the sport I love, as much as I did when Trek Leopard and Tyler Farrar crossed the finish line in unison after the death of Wouter and then (in the correct thing to do) left the Giro.

The Second Goodbye:

I have purchased a new bike, it’s the most special of specials, I was close to getting a Trek Madone, but I didn’t, as much as I’d have loved one, I’m not a fan of the “None Project One”paint jobs, and the Project One, ones mean I will end up paying more than I did for my car. That said, the bike I did order ran a project one Madone close when it comes to cost, as such I need to move on a bike in order to not overstretch myself, as such , the “Custom Carbon” has to go…..:-(

Want to own something owned by me? Feel free to let me know in the comments, I have done my sums and I spent £995 in total (original estimates were lower as I didn’t count the wheels and sundry parts, I only counted Groupset and Frame) I am hoping to get around £900, someone out there is going to get a stunning bike, that’s only been rode 3 times, with a “famous” history/owner 🙂

You Think That I am Cooler Than You ?

Well, that’s because I am :), for this week, I got some new “Bins” or Glasses, being as blind as I am, its hard to get wrap around’s as most only go to -6 and im -9 and -8, however, I found a semi-wrap pair and stuck a mirrored tint in them

The AWESOME thing about the Mirror is that you wont be able to see the pain etched on my face when I am riding myself into the ground and vice versa, if I am racing someone and I am fresh, I might drop back, making them think I am struggling as they can’t see, only to fly past when the moment is right  🙂

This Week:

I finally got back into the grove, by the end of the week I was averaging 19 Mph over 10 miles and on Friday I put in a huge number of miles , almost as many as I’d done in the 4 days prior.

Weight wise I am now back to where I was.

and I have a new, cycling related tattoo, will post pictures next week , once it has settled down a little as I only got it done today.

So all in all, things are SOOO much better than they were a little over a week ago.


and finally.

I was contacted by a travel company who offered me a holiday in exchange for promotion of them, on here, as it was, the holiday would have suited, but it got me thinking, getting over 12k hits a month might be attractive to some corporate brands.

If I got an official bike partner and an official holiday partner, it would then give me the chance to save money for my skin operation,heck I could even look for an official “cosmetic surgery” partner.

Do you think it would be a bad idea to do such a thing ? the content and message I promote here would NEVER change, but It would give me that chance of “Finishing this journey”

Would love to know your thoughts.






20 responses

21 05 2011

Well done on the eating! That’s the biggest mountain to climb.

As to the sponsorship thing, I’m all for it, but here’s what I’d say…

Make 100% sure that the sponsor you get is a company you truly believe in. The worst thing is to sign a contract, then find out that the company you’re sponsoring is involved in business practices that go against your heart.

I’m not familiar with Euro companies, but I know Twin Six – the jersey/apparel co. that Fat Cyclist pimps – is an outstanding group of people from Minnesota.

So, yes, do it. But do your homework, find a company that believes in YOUR message, and is a name you’d be proud to wear.

Defend the jersey of 39 Stone Cyclist!

21 05 2011

As always, the voice of reason. I want to ensure the integratiy of me/this shite/my message remains so that does mean getting the right company onboard, I would be beside myself if I got it wrong and all the hard work buidling this up comes crumbling down.


21 05 2011

Hi Gaz,

I would want to know what they want to advertise, banner links or other stuff?

I have been following your website for over a year and cant believe you have not had a free bike by now, i have suffered with ill health for 10years only in last 2 years managed to get out of the house and on a bike just done the c2c last week and ordered first road bike on thursday.

Send me a message if you can i can give you some info on travel companies and who to go with and who not to go with, I have worked in travel for nearly 20years and would be honoured to help you if i can.


21 05 2011

Hi Gaz,

Do a little exploration and then find a partner you can commit to. Nothing to do with cycling first I would suggest then if it works you can move into the velo world!

On a side note which diet regime have you been following?



22 05 2011
Clive Chapman

Just remember “business is business” and “it’s nothing personal”.

I’ve seen things change for people in my sport (rugby union) when commercial interests raise their ugly heads.

Do things on your terms (as much as that’s possible in a business arrangement) and only deal with folk you like.

Other than that fill your boots!

Well done on the grub. Small steps, small steps.

22 05 2011

Go for it Gaz, you’ve worked hard to get to where your at and in my opinion you should aim big and I’m sure you will get the sponsership you deserve to help you complete your journey.Keep it up mate and I’m sure some company out there will realise the potential of attatching themselves to you !!!!

22 05 2011

There’s some great advise posted already, so I’ll just say that I don’t think it would detract from your blog if you were sponsored. If you find a good fit, I say go for it!

23 05 2011
pj mcnally

As others have said – go for the sponsorship, running a website(and riding a bike) isn’t free and every little helps. I’d agree that you need to be choosy to find sponsors that don’t jar with your message.

And great job attacking the SED. I’ve never tried the Biggest Loser bars, and the only “sports” bars or “energy” products I’ve had were the ones given away at my first sportive last autumn, but my advice would be that “ordinary” foods are way cheaper than the latest sports protein/carb bar.

I’m lucky that as a cyclist my diet is basically “normal”, but with bigger portions than sedentary collegues, with occasional helpings of protein shake made from milk, banana and a scoop of the 2kg whey protein i buy in bulk online. I can’t afford all the other sports-specific stuff! But I’ve found one can quite successfully kick most hills’ asses without it.

23 05 2011

As long as the sponsorship deals fit with your ideals then go for it.

Well done on the diet stuff, it seems you’re well on your way to getting over those final hurdles.

23 05 2011


If it was a bike partner or a sports/food company fair enough. The holiday sounds tempting but once you’ve taken it, then what?

With 12k hits per month I’d do some more digging 🙂

28 05 2011

Thanks Man, got a big day lined up today, could be defining my future, so will see how it goes, and then sit down and really think about it.

Of course, today’s events will be posted here tomorrow 🙂

26 05 2011
Chris Leigh

Hi Gaz,

An inspiring story, really impressed with your blog… and the bike! – could you give me a few more specs on the bike, frame size? What groupset did you have on it at £200 second hand?!! Any problems with it? – Assuming none as only rode 3 times but you have to ask!

Cheers – hope to hear back soon and possibly make you an offer!


28 05 2011

Riiiiight, Sadly (For others) I needed to take it off sale (eBay) and I have rode it twice this week………..and I forgot how AMAZING it is

As such , It’s not for sale, sorry 😦

28 05 2011

Thanks everyone for all your comments and suggestions, will keep ya’all updated , but as I said, rest assured, NOTHING will change round there parts


28 05 2011

LookIng forward to pic of tattoo

28 05 2011

Will be in the next update

29 05 2011

A very big well done on retrying, the biggest loser bars that really must be a major achievement for you and i hope you are truly pleased with your efforts on it! as for the sponsorship I think you should go for it !! it may even help with getting the message out to others. oh yeah, thanks again for being such an inspiration, my longest rides to date are still only around 9 miles but i do feel at times that I CANT GO ANY FURTHER, Then i think of you in the manchester to blackpool and do push a little further !!

4 06 2011

Great story , always amazing to hear other people pushing through that barrier and when I am credited with it, its even more awesome TBH

Keep on going !

31 05 2011

Checkout my blogs and then add the links !

You are welcome to join me on the Tour IF you can mke the time vilable and prepred to rough it !

Those that travel with me get a unique view of the racers and the overall action .

4 06 2011

Whats the main link you want linking mate ?

I have already added http://www.parrabuddy.blogspot.com/ to the links section

Sadly Its not an offer I can take up, due to my personal commitments, but thanks

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