Gaz Does Motivational Speaking , Goal Achieved, Video Inside !

28 05 2011

The Goal was

14. Promote cycling and weight loss to a room of Morbidly Obese adults — 28 May 2011

So, the whole room wasnt full of morbidly obese adults and I wont go into personal details, but this goal has now been achieved.

My speech (Video further down) lasted 10 mins, I didn’t memories it, I SHOULD have done, I messed up the start and missed quite a chunk out at the end, but I really do think it went well, there were many people who had a tear or 2 in their eyes and I felt on top of the world !

I’d change my stance next time, but I stand like that to counter nerves, truth be told, the nerves went about 30 seconds in, but I kept the same stance…….Lesson larnt along with memorizing what I have to say.

BUT all that said, I want to do it again, in fact, I’d love to turn this into a profession , to be able to bring home a salary and promote weight loss……..ideal !

So, if you have a company and you want to promote weight loss to the ranks or you are the NHS or a private medial company and want to offer me a job then  get in touch 🙂

Here is the video !




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28 05 2011

Nicely done.

You should check with those folks who gave you that big award last year – perhaps they have some ideas about speaking engagements for you?

Over here we have these “agencies” that represent/promote all types of speakers. I bet there are some around you, and maybe contacting them and asking if they’d be interested in being your agent?

But you should be getting paid a bit for this story.

29 05 2011

Thanks Man

Now I have done it, I can say with confidence that its something I want to do, full time, so I can go hunting for work now 😀

28 05 2011

By the way, my deepest condolences on your Red Devils death at the hands of my Barca boys. (Leo Messi is God)

29 05 2011

Barca were and are in another Dimension !

29 05 2011

Congrats! You are an inspiration to us who try to use cycling to improve our lifestyle (as well as our weight). You would make a fine motivational speaker.

29 05 2011

Thanks Dean, I apreciate your words

29 05 2011
Clive Chapman

I do a lot of presentations mate. Both rugby and work related. In fact I was taught to instruct/present/coach in the military. So any help you need give me a shout.

One quick tip, instead of sheets of paper, use small prompt cards, with key words or phrases on. It looks better, and you can easily keep track of where you are by shoving the used ones to the bottom of the pile or into your pocket. that way you wouldn’t have missed bits out. I could tell where you diverted from your plan!

But, for a first go, that was really good. 99% of the battle is actually standing up and starting! The rest is all window dressing and it’ll only get easier!

29 05 2011

Thanks Clive, I had just 3 days to write and prep for it, I was totally off guard, I didnt finish writing it till Friday night, then had to delive it 8 hours later, my plan was to use prompt cards but I simply ran out of time.

Fingers crossed next time and I do hope there is a next time, I can nail the missing “20%”

29 05 2011
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1 06 2011

Established @hill108 and to commemorate Wouter and remind people to support the 2012 London Paralympic !

Perhaps the “cat & fiddle” or the like in the UK could be designated as “Hill 108”!

Get the message out so that more are aware of how they can help .

4 06 2011

Awesome Idea

26 12 2011
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