More Goals Come A Tumbling – The Sad Goodbye Was A False Dawn !

29 05 2011


In a week where I wasnt even thinking of Goals , I manage to achieve 4 of them.

The first I spoke about on Saturday was

34. Promote cycling and weight loss to a room of Morbidly Obese adults

Then on Saturday evening I noticed I had done a few others, they are:

32. Cycle 15000 Miles — Now over 16000 Miles

24. Get my sprint speed to over 40 Mph (Current Best 36.8Mph) —Now 43.3 Mph (YES it WAS on the flat)

37. Try something I really didn’t like, for a second time— Being the Biggest Loser Bars last week

WOW, That took me by surprise TBH.

LiveSTRONG “Madone”

Last week it was on eBay, it reached the minimum i’d hoped for in a couple of days, after 4 days it had over 1000 views and 130 “Watches” BUT I had advertised it with a 105 front mech, now I had ordered this the week before, but it seems 3 items that I have ordered from separate sellers have gone missing, including the Mech, So, I took it off auction when it became clear I had an issue.

Then on Thursday, owing to the most horrendous “Noise” on my Cannondale I was forced to ride it to work, I didn’t want to , it was raining…. A LOT but still………On that ride to work I had the time of my life, I only used the “Small Ring” new territory for me as im ALWAYS in the big ring, but I didn’t want to push it too hard just yet, I averaged over 18 Mph , over 10 miles, in the SMALL Ring !

Then Friday came, wow wow, I left a little early, I have not done any monster rides since coming back from illness but Friday was my “Ride a marathon a week” day, on the 3rd mile , after being warmed up, I used the big ring for the first time…….43.3Mph, I was flying past cars, it was amazing , then as part of a new route I had a 5 mile climb at an average of 7% into Oldham, I passed a bus on the way up, this bike is TOO god, my average speed is around the same but my miles are much more consistent.

When I first rode this bike I was a little….Meh yes its good… but Fizz was right, it’s not just good it’s on ANOTHER PLANET !

Feeling Gulty, Looking All Wet N Dirty !

My Tribute to Wouter Weylandt

Wouter was one of our own, he died doing what we all  do and love, it could have been any of us, I decided to do something, not anything over the top, but to keep his memory alive.

First off is these

Wouter used to ride for Quick Step, so as a nice “understated” gesture, I got a couple of these.

Then we have

Check what is on the TV 🙂

Yup, I got me some Trek Leopard team kit, actually for kit that is “Boring” it’s actually pretty classy, It will be my honor to ride in memory of Wouter, the question is, do I ride in this or my Black Radioshack kit on the way to Blackpool ?

New Uniform

I have my new works uniform


it’s just a shame I cant do this job 5 days a week to replace my current role, it would be such a dream.

On the theme of new kit, some people say I can, at times, be a little “Camp”, well, I have NO IDEA why….:)


My Cycling Tattoo:

I have wanted this for around a year, but I also wanted to wait to make sure I got it right, had I done this when I first got the idea, I wouldn’t have added the bottom line, but because I waited to make sure, I got the bottle line added, anyway, here it is.

and on the inspirational note

Here is another chance to check out my speech.

If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.




8 responses

29 05 2011

Hey, if the small ring is good enough for Lance, Andy, Contador, et al, it’s good enough for Gaz.

I love the small ring because when I go back to the big ring, it feels like launching a rocket.

Well done on the goals. And though I am someone who usually rolls his eyes at most tats and people with tats – that one, sir, is a gem. Which leads me to….

You should contact Livestrong about working for them. At the Tour of California I managed to use some connections to get to the RadioShack bus and got a shirt signed for my son by the entire team.

Well, the guy who was basically in charge of the bus and everything non-race with the team is a guy whose day job is working for Livestrong. And he told me he started out by simply walking into a Livestrong office one day and saying he wanted to help. Now he is head of their Austin, Texas communications division.

I wonder if you’re the man who should spearhead the opening of Livestrong-Manchester!

4 06 2011

Not sure I ever saw Lance in the small ring.

Its a good point about using it so you feel the benefit tho, all this week I warmed up in the small then used the big, hitting maximum speeds of 42Mph, 42 Mph and 37 Mph on different days.

I’d love to work with Livestrong, am gonna give it a go, but I suspect they get millions of mails a day, nothing ventured , nothing gained tho eh ?

29 05 2011

Great stuff, I’ll try to sponsor you asap., cheers.

4 06 2011

Thanks man, every little helps

31 05 2011

But Wouter Weylandt was in Team Leopard when he died?As an additional information, his jersey number was 108 and this 108 number was retired infinitely in Giro for the memory of Weylandt, may be you already know. To support his family, 108 numbered shirts with Team Leopard logo on it were sold over the internet until the end of Giro…You could have got one of them too…

4 06 2011

He was, thats why I also go Leopard Team kit

Leopard dont yet do water bottles (that I could find at the time ) so quick step was the natural second choice

4 06 2011
Westwood Trek

Glad to see you back. I just found your website the day you were signing off so I was a little disappointed. Share a somewhat similar background as you. I need to lose 75-80lbs so if you can do what you did I figure I can do it too! I just got my first bike last month. A Trek 2.1 which has a paintjob pretty similar to the Shack Madones (way cool). I did 90km last Saturday in Ryder Hejsdals Tour de Victoria. My longest ride yet and did it in 3.5 hours! Been running awhile so it helped prepare me. This week going to start 25km/day. Thanks for sharing your story with us all! LIVESTRONG brother Gaz! Mark

4 06 2011

I have been back a few weeks now 🙂

3 and a half hours for someone 80 pounds overweight and doing there first long ride is EXCELLENT going

Well done man


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