All Change, Gaz gets a new job, wears a tie.

13 06 2011

The Future Aint What It Used To Be:

For 11 years I have worked in the same department for a Local Authority (Local Government, for none UK Readers)

In April, my situation changed, job changed, everything changed, I knew then, that my time in this department was done, while I am quite upset at how things happened, this is not the time or place to go into it, this is the place to celebrate good things, this week I was offered 3 interviews, for 3 different job, all in the same LA.

Can you guess the job type ?

Despite the picture, the job wasnt for a prison guard or security officer, No it was for a benefits officer (Welfare for the Americans that frequent here)

Then on Tuesday, the interview for the  job I really wanted, in Taxi Licensing,  came along.

Late on Tuesday afternoon, at a time that I wouldn’t normally still be in the office, as I had started early, came the news I had hoped for, The Licensing job was mine , if I wanted it, I still had another interview lined up, but without hesitation, I accepted it, I now have just 3 weeks left, in a role that I have done for 11 years before moving onto pastures new.

The crazy thing is, had I not lost weight and gained confidence, I would have accepted my ever deteriorating situation at work and would not have applied to get out, so losing weight, is much more about just physical health, but most people who have ever lost even a small amount, will know this.


The next 6 months will either kill me (mentally) or cure me, for this week I was offered an appointment with the professionals that can fix me, while I’m scared (of failing) I’m looking forward to finally getting the knowledge needed to beat (the hell) out of the one thing that has held me back ever since I was a toddler.

To lose 26 stone (364 pounds) I had to become a soldier, to beat both the weight and my eating disorder, I will need to become a warrior and for the first time in my life, because of many reasons, I do feel like a warrior, I’m READY for this battle, no backing down, toe-to-toe till the end and I WILL be the last one standing.

My time is now and I will do everything I can to make myself proud, raise awareness of Men with eating disorders and finally, get myself totally healthy.

New Bike Time:

Well, its in the air, on its way over to me, its VERY VERY Special, most of you will be shocked/amazed at just how special it is, BUT until its here, all I will leave you with, is an image of the new bottles I have for it (No, its not a Scott or Spesh bike)

HTC Bidon

Finally, Weight Matters:

Im now back down to my lightest ever weight, at 13 stone 9 Pounds, After all the being sick a few weeks ago, I had lost quite a lot of weight/fluids, so I re-hydrated like mad and thus gained (water) weight back once I had stopped with the sickness, thats all gone and im back to my  lowest ever adult weight 🙂

If this or I have inspired you, then PLEASE sponsor me for the 2011 Manchester to Blackpool charity ride, together, we CAN beat cancer.


British Cycling, Team Sky, SkyRide Local. I’m The Leader Of The Pack !

11 06 2011

Last weekend I “Lived the dream” for I got paid to ride my bike !

It was my first job working for Team Sky/ British Cycling as an assistant ride leader, I think, from memory around 30 people turned up, it was a short 8 mile ride down a former railway line called the “Middlewood Way” towards Macclesfield.

Works uniform and a hut hem "Helmet"

It was a relaxed pace (read ULTRA Slow) and I was the only person on a road bike, but I really enjoyed it and to get home I had a nice 7 mile climb so that was a bonus.

Paul, my good friend and former work colleague (Who informed me of becoming a leader) was also assigned to this ride, so I thought , as there was a safe opportunity and all the other riders were being looked after, I’d grab a quick picture of Paul in action too.

I’m not working this weekend, due to a kids party, but lets hope there will be many more chances for me to get paid for going for a ride 🙂


“Liv’in The Dream”

Do The Hip Hop, The Hip Hip Hop.

4 06 2011

Ouch !

Last Friday I hit 43.3 Mph, Monday I managed 41 Mph, Tuesday 39 Mph , Wednesday 37 Mph but……….by that time i’d “Damaged” my hip.

I was pushing myself so damn hard that I was in agony when walking, I could sit down, I could sleep, my hip has been an issue ever since the van driver mowed me down 11 months ago, I though I had gotten over it, maybe no.

So my PB for a sprint will now probably  forever stay at 43.3 Mph, I am happy with that, who, 2 years ago would have thought I would have been able to do that ? but still, I do like to push myself to breaking point, maybe I will ease up on the TT style commuting next week and see if it gets a little stronger.

I am proof that what my shirt says is correct

Leopard Trek Baby:

This week, with the weather starting to look like summer, I donned my Leopard Trek kit for the first time, now, normally I go for outlandish kits, but I got this because of Wouter and because Leopard have some awesome riders, at first I thought it would be a little “Boring” for me, but the truth of the matter is that its actually bloody classy AND I averaged 18.5 Mph when I was wearing it BONUS !

New SS Time:

I needed to move on my SS roadie for many reasons, however, ever since I did, I have REALLY missed having one, so this week I purchased a Dawes Civic frame and forks and will turn it into my SS Commuter by the end of the summer

Dawes Civic BEFORE SS'ing

Carbon Vs Alu:

Bcause Royal Mail lost my front Mech, I was forced to take the Carbon bike off sale, its the best thing I have ever done, the latter part of this week I have been on the Caad9, regarded as one of the best Alu bikes out there and its good, yes, but its not a patch on my “Cheap Carbon” the Cadd9 has more explosive speed but its not even close when it comes to consistence pace mile after mile, in that department the Carbon is MILES in front, my Carbon bike took me  a while to get used to, SRAM Groupo, different Geometry and a 53/11 set up, but now I am, I dont even want to be riding the Caad 9 any more ! that’s how good carbon is, even the “Cheap” stuff !

cannondale CAAD9 2010 - Good bike BUT Not a patch on Carbon !

Muscle Man Roadie:

Let me take you back, to the very first time I rode all the way to work, after a few miles, I was taking a rest on a bridge,

Here was where I was resting

As I was taking a rest, an “old boy” on a road bike, SHOT past.

I thought, wow, I wish I could be like that dude and nicknamed him “Muscle Man Roadie” for reasons I dont need to explane.

I have managed to eclipse him on the road a few times in the mornings these days but it being in the mornings, I have never had the time, to slow down and talk to him (I normally just shout “Morning” as I pass)

That changed on Friday evening , for on the way home I spotted him up ahead, I caught him and rode back the last 3 miles with him, we chatted, he was full of admiration for me and admitted that on the first day when he’s seen me on the bridge, he thought I was dying and he even said to himself ” he wont carry on riding” well I did, he saw me on TV and told his wife, the people he works with, pretty much everyone by the sounds of it.

As we parted I said “I wish I can look as good as you, if I make it to your age”  (he is 63, he told me, hope he doesnt mind me saying that) it was said in a purely respectful way, Muscle Man Roadie is full of admiration for me, but I am the same for him, 2 commuters with 2 reasons to be proud, riding in unison, next time, I must ask his name 🙂

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